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A delightful twin story!
Dusty is asked just ONE more time to bail her twin
out of personal trouble.  But this time trouble comes
in the form of a handsome fiancee and his two beautiful
children.  What has her sister gotten her into this time?
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The stranger’s face floated on the background curtain of her closed eyelids and she wished he’d smiled. He looked like he had a nice smile. He had big hands too, and she really liked big hands. Men’s hands fascinated her and she had no taste for wimpy pale ones. It didn’t take much imagination for her to see those tanned hands cupping her breasts, or patting her rear, and the thought sent a tingling sensation racing through her body.

Briefly, she wondered what he would think if he knew she had stolen paintings worth millions.  She hadn’t thought about having to tell a future boyfriend or husband about her grand heists. Doubt and something akin to dismay flickered in her breast at the thought of having to tell this disturbing man what she’d done. Love and future had never had a face before………..