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Want to “see how the other half lives?”

Maggie Carpenter is an excellent storyteller, and this latest book takes you into the lives of the rich and powerful, those reaching for the brass ring, and what they feel they have to do to get there. How they reach for their dreams, however, has consequences, some good, some bad. And as the author has said, “some lose it all.” It’s a fascinating read about three couples, and how their love lives spin out of control. And how a mystery woven into the background twists the results in a way you never see coming. Well done!

Today I’m spotlighting a book I just finished by Rogue London.

Although I’ve read several of Rogue’s books, this one has really been the best one so far for me. 

The mystery was beguiling, and the romance was memorable. The story felt complete when it was finished and I was sad to see these characters go. But they were ecstatically happy, so it was like saying goodbye to friends. I have to say, it’s one book that played the heroine and the hero so well in their defined roles, that I didn’t even think about the heroine saving herself! Which we all like to see sometimes.

Rogue seems to have found a niche in the BDSM forefront and her storytelling skills just keep getting better and better.  Her creative imagination is amazing. She is one talented writer.  

Check it out for yourself!


Today I’m spotlighting the incredible Maggie Carpenter’s brand new release, HELD FIRM!  If you are a fan of dark mafia romance, you will love this book!

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