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I love to read and write those fun, spicey, and interesting romances of all kinds that leave you wanting more at the end. That ah factor can't be overrated! My stories have strong alpha males and feisty heroines who usually end up together for a happy ever after. You can find me in all kinds of links using my link tree! Come join me in the golden glow of romance.

It’s almost here!

“There are some things even more powerful than the sea, lass, and ye are one of them.”

I’m really excited about my final cover for my new book, A Lass Worth Fighting For. This is a very special story between two people who have been to the depths of hell and back. It is a powerful and humorous tale of love, courage, and the will to fight. I hope that you will enjoy this inspiring, and amazing story as much I loved writing it.

Coming October 22nd…

If she plays with fire will she get burned?

Kellina has known the deep anguish of losing her soulmate. However, her vow to never love again is shaken to the core when she meets Forbes MacColloch, an intensely attractive and compelling man despite his scars. Desire she thought long dead rises from the ashes of the past and begins to flicker into flame once more.

Bitter, disillusioned and forsaken by his fiancé, Forbes MacColloch has no intention of ever getting involved with another woman until Kellina Duncan slips into the crack of his wounded soul. He’ll never love another woman, but perhaps he can have her over his knee and in his bed without a lasting commitment.


         He reached up and grabbed her hands, pulling her forward until she was bent down where he could put one large hand behind her head and draw her mouth to his.

Kellina didn’t fight him. She found she wanted to taste him, and he tasted good, like salt air and dominant male. Her head spinning, she didn’t object when he lifted her and sat her in his lap, his mouth swooping down to claim hers again. The punishing kisses soon turned gentle as he explored her mouth, one arm behind her back and the other slipping under her sweatshirt to find the pebbly surface of a nipple beneath silky material.

She moaned and arched into it, losing herself in the spicy scent of him and the drugging pleasure of his kiss. Her hand lifted to comb through his hair as she’d wanted to do the first time they’d met, feeling the texture against her sensitive fingertips. When his exploring mouth left her lips, she gasped as it nibbled against the silky skin of her neck.

“Poe—ye have to stop.”

         Their eyes locked with each other, both panting slightly.

 “I owe ye a spanking, but now is not the time nor the place,” he growled, his black eyes pinning her in a hot glare.

         “Ye didna need the scotch,” she retorted defiantly, struggling to get free of him.

         “It wasna yeres to throw away.” 

He held her easily in spite of her struggles, which only made her angry.

         “Let me go,” she hissed. “I can’t believe ye pulled me into your lap when ye’ve been in such pain.”

         “Ye took all the knots out so I’m not in pain right now,” he returned, mocking her efforts to get free by holding both her wrists in one large hand. “Me todger salutes ye, as I’m sure ye can tell.”

         She could certainly feel his manhood against her hip, and she trembled with the sudden need to feel him inside her. What was it about this infuriating man that made her hungry with desire when no one else had even turned her pot lukewarm in the last three years?

         “I’m not above biting if ye dinna let go of me,” she threatened.

         “Ye bite me, lass, and I’ll turn ye over and blister yere arse, and I dinna care who’s watching.”

         “If Corny sees us like this it’ll give him the wrong idea,” she hissed.

         “He already has the wrong idea; this would just give him satisfaction and make him think his matchmaking scheme is succeeding. In fact, I’m thinking the only way he might leave us alone is if he thinks it is succeeding.”

         “Does that mean you want me to be yere muscle therapist?” she asked, her brow lifting.

         “Aye, that’ll do for starters, and to seal the deal, how about we pretend when we’re around Corny that we really do like each other?  He doesna have to know our feelings aren’t serious,” he added.

         Kellina thought about it for a moment. It was a dangerous plan, but a bold one. It would give her a chance to explore her feelings, but if her feelings were genuine, then she might be letting herself in for a world of heartache…

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If she plays with fire will she get burnt?

Kellina has known the deep anguish of losing her soulmate.  However, her vow to never love again is shaken to the core when she meets Forbes MacColloch, an intensely attractive and compelling man, despite the scar on his face and the wheelchair he sits in. Desire she thought long dead rises from the ashes and flames flicker once more, Can she do as he asked and enter into a fake relationship? Or will playing with the fire of love consume her?
Bitter, disillusioned and forsaken by his fiancé, Forbes MacColloch has no intention of ever getting involved with another woman. But something about Kellina slips into the crack of his wounded soul. He’ll never love another woman, although perhaps he could play in the fires of passion with this young widow and not get burned.

Kellina has known the deep anguish of losing her soulmate.  However, her vow to never love again is shaken to the core when she meets Forbes MacColloch, an intensely attractive and compelling man, despite the scar on his face and the wheelchair he sits in. Desire she thought long dead rises from the ashes and flames to flicker once more, Can she do as he asked and enter into a fake relationship? Or will playing with the fire of love consume her?

Bitter, disillusioned and forsaken by his fiance, Forbes MacColloch has no intention of ever getting involved with another woman. But something about Kellina slips into the crack of his wounded soul. He’ll never love another woman, although perhaps he could play in the fires of passion with this young widow and not get burned.

Watch for this unforgettable love story coming your way! I’ll keep you updated!

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Brandy Golden

Last Chance for Trouble!

If you missed the opportunity to get Trouble in Cinnamon County and other great books in a fall giveaway, now is your chance to do so.

Mandy Merriweather doesn’t want to be the last virgin in Cinnamon County. But Chad, the boy she grew up with, her childhood protector and irritating male friend, suddenly changes. When did he turn from a boy into a man? Especially such a dominant man, who has no intention of letting Mandy keep that vow with anyone but him, even if he has to turn her over his knee to put the notion out of her head!

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Hello all!

I’ve been absent due to family obligations for a while, but now I’m back into the swing of things. I sincerely hope you are all doing well during these difficult times, 2020 has been a mess so far!

To get things going, I have an oldie but goodie novella available for free download at the following locations, for your reading pleasure.  There are many free books at these locations in promotion right now for newsletter signups. Even if you are in my newsletter, you can still sign up for the freebie listed below and freebies from other authors as well.

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T C filtered - Copy

Trouble is right! When Mandy Merriweather announces she has no intention of being the last virgin in Cinnaman county, Chad Newcomb disagrees. He’s bound and determined to change her mind, even if he has to put her over his knee to do it. Here’s an excerpt:

“You want to experiment, little girl?” he snapped, his patience running out. “I’ll
show you what you’re in for!”
Mandy stared wide-eyed at the sudden fire in his azure eyes, the determination of
the dark head bending towards hers. She gasped as his sensuous mouth closed cruelly
over hers, taking her soft lips in fierce plunder. He put his lean tanned hand in the curls
that fell to her waist, holding her head still as he ravished her sweetness, a ruthless Aztec
warrior in a pair of boots and a Stetson.
Their hats both fell to the ground as the brims clashed. He pulled her in closer
to his whipcord body, his other arm wrapping around her slender waist like an iron band.
Mandy whimpered in protest and tried to snap her head from side to side, but she
couldn’t escape the punishing mouth that held hers captive. She pushed ineffectually at
the broad shoulders until her traitorous arms finally began a journey of their own, up and around his powerful neck.
When her fingers slid into the fine dark hair at the nape of his neck and her soft
contours began to melt into his length, his ravaging kiss changed to something even more devastating. Desire slithered along her veins like quicksilver as she tentatively returned his exploration, her tongue sliding along the inside of his lips.
Her surrender was complete.
Nothing else but Chad existed at that moment and she returned his ardor as hot, sweet
pleasure encompassed her entire body. She fit into him like a glove and her pert breasts
ached where they thrust against his hard chest. She had often wondered what it might be
like to kiss Chad, but he was just a friend, her self appointed protector since high school.
When he finally broke off the kiss and stood back to stare at her, she gasped, panting for breath, her senses still reeling. She was not so naïve that she didn’t recognize the signs of powerful desire and she trembled, staring wide-eyed back at him. How could this be? He wasn’t supposed to have this effect on her! She put her shaking fingers to her swollen lips, touching them in wonder, feeling the heat he had left upon them.
“Mandy…I’m sorry…I…I’m just sorry, that’s all,” he rasped hoarsely, running
his fingers through his black hair and standing back.
“Sorry for what?” Mandy’s voice was a whisper, her cornflower blue eyes like
saucers. “Sorry, you kissed me? Sorry, we’re just friends? What?”
Somehow, everything had changed with just one kiss. One brief moment in time
and suddenly, there was no going back. Confused, she awaited his answer.
“I’m sorry I was so rough with you.” His glittering blue eyes never leaving her
face. “I must have shocked you; I didn’t mean to hurt you. Maybe I should have just spanked your onery little butt instead,” he added flippantly.
Mandy sensed his withdrawal; saw him putting the old friendship fence solidly
back into place. Something inside her wanted to smash it to smithereens, to make him
kiss her again, to declare their friendship null and void and a new contract made…a
contract for lovers. She realized she wanted him.
Oh, geez! She was attracted to her old buddy!
“Shut up,” she snapped abruptly, fiercely. “Just shut up! Don’t tell me you’re
sorry, I don’t want sorry!”
She reached up suddenly and grabbed him around the neck, pressing her slender body
against his hard length. Tell me you wanted to kiss me!”

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Sealed with a Kiss Romance

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What happens when powerful warriors and masterful lords meet fearless heroines? Scandalous pleasures!

Fifteen all-new historical romances, brimming with sizzling passion and the promise of true love — told within sumptuous Christmas settings.

From the snowbound Highlands to candlelit ballrooms, this scorchingly hot collection contains wicked delights and wild fantasies, forbidden love and fierce abandon, submission, spanking and sensual surrender. Now is your chance to check out these amazing stories by your favorite authors.

Peril with a Prince – by Emily Murdoch
Duke of Christmas – by Ellie St. Clair
The Night Before Scandal – by Scarlett Scott
Master of the Moor – by Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Wicked Deeds on a Winter Night – by Stacy Reid
My Lady of Misrule – by Amy Rose Bennett
Mistletoe Mistress – by Nicola Davidson
A Christmas Masquerade – by Vanessa Brooks
Bastian’s Surrender – by Carole Mortimer
The Marriage Game – by Gracie Malling
Her Mistletoe Promise – by Jaye Peaches
Trusting Her Highland Laird – by Brandy Golden
Yuletide Yielding – by Ashe Barker
A Bluestocking for Christmas – by Viola Morne
A Wicked Christmas Wish – by Em Brown


Welcome, Alyssa Bailey!

“Jac was done negotiating. She wanted it. It satisfied his need to correct her naughty ass. Win-win.”

A great line from the popular, long-time author, Alyssa Bailey’s new book, Saving Sharlee! 

I’ve read quite a few books that Alyssa has written and I can assure you, she doesn’t disappoint. Treat yourself and pick up a copy of one of her books today.

saving sharlee-alyssa-cover

Sharlee Armstrong is happy spending her professional life in seclusion as Vapor, a highly sought out independent information broker. Though she has plenty of high paying clients, the offer from Reynaud & Associates piques her curiosity. During the interview, her libido is also piqued when she meets Jacquard Reynaud—gorgeous, sexy, and dominant.

The minute she steps foot into his office, and life, Jac knows he has to have Sharlee, but first, he must keep her safe—not just from some unknown threat, but from Sharlee herself.  So, despite her protests, he takes her in hand. For her own good.

Will Sharlee learn to let Jac protect her? Can she let Jac and the rest of the team into her previously quiet, mostly solitary life?

Yummy excerpt!

“Sweetheart, you’ll never lose your job. You’re too good, we need you too badly, and like I said before, you are part of the family now. I’m not sure I can do without you, now that I know what having you is like. Call it the best kind of job security.”

She hoped he meant more than her IT skills.

“If you don’t allow this lesson, I will understand but it means we’ll have to do other things that help you remember to take care of yourself and to call us.”

“Like what, exactly?”

“Like five a.m. PT.”


“Calisthenics, running, you know, physical training, helps you remember not to repeat your mistakes by putting them into cadences.”

“What?” Her voice was squeaky and too high. They all knew she didn’t exercise more than the minimum. Just what the job mandated, and this was a job that mandated a high level of fitness even for her. “I’m not getting up at five in the morning when I often don’t finish working before three in the morning and I dare you to try to make me.” She was feeling slightly more in control than a moment ago, but it didn’t last.

Monroe laughed. “I wouldn’t challenge Jac, honey. He is likely to take you up on it.”

Jac continued. “Then you need to have a spanking. It’s quick and done.” She rubbed her thighs together but didn’t answer. Things were getting slippery in more than one way. “You don’t have to do this, Charlotte, but it will clear your conscience.”

“My conscience is fine.”

“Yep, because you take for granted that six co-workers stopped what they were doing to help you out, right? They were glad to do it, but it should not have happened. If you were more careful about what you did alone and where you went, it wouldn’t have. If you had called us first, two would have come out, not six.”

She was feeling anxious. He was right about her guilt. In addition, heaven help her, she really was curious what it would feel like. It would be her opportunity to see if the reality matched her dreams. Her panties were downright wet, and her clit was twitching and the humming vibrations on uneven roads were making everything worse.

Just this once, should she satisfy her body and mind that she really wasn’t into this type of thing?

Now, our author!

Today and International best-selling author, Alyssa Bailey, is a dyed in the wool Texan living amongst the beauty of Southeast Alaska. She lives where the sky meets the mountains; the mountains touch the ocean, and the wildlife frolic on land, sea, and air. Humans, the ultimate interlopers, are wedged in where allowed and are properly thankful for the privilege.

Alyssa loves writing about consensual power exchanges between strong, intelligent, sassy women who are not afraid to make a stand and men confident enough to give his woman space, but Alpha enough to keep her safe in spite of herself.  

If she can throw a little mystery, humor, and suspense in her stories, it’s even better. She writes about historical and contemporary love.

Find Alyssa Bailey online:


Twitter: @blushingalyssa

Blog/web page:



Other Romance Books by Alyssa Bailey

Lone Wind Series:  Contemporary, spicy Native American-1) Reclaiming Clover

Lairds, Lords, and Little Ladies: Georgian Historical, spicy- 1) Lord Thayer’s Choice 2) Lord Ashton’s Decision 3) The Black Laird Requires

Chase Abbey Series: Regency, Sweet and Spicy, suspense- 1) Lord Barrington’s Minx 2) Becoming Lady Barrington 3) Lady Caroline’s Defiance 4) His Improper Lady

Safe and Secure Series: Contemporary, suspense, spicy- 1) Saving Sharlee

The O’Connor Series: Contemporary, Rancher, Saga, Spicy

Liam & Jocelyn’s Story- 1) Her Sweet Complication 2) Liam’s Lessons 3) Loving Liam

Ciarán and Katherine’s Story 1) His Gentle Persuasion 2) Rancher’s Creed 3) Katie Consents

Quinlan and Cheyenne’s Story 1) Quinlan’s Quest 2) Accepting His Way 3) A Balancing Act

Kelli and Parker’s Story 1) Meeting Her Needs 2) Kissing Kelli 3) Keeping Kelli

Cián and Molly’s Story-Coming Winter 2018

Clearwater Ranch –Contemporary, Rancher, Spicy 1) Piper’s Plan

Taming Texanna –American Historical, Marshall, Native American, Spicy

Cowboy Welcome– Contemporary, Spicy


Sweet Town Love, Historical Heroes, Hero to Obey


For your enjoyment, The Master!

It’s your moods that have got you into this situation. Tonight, your ass pays the price for it.” He lowered himself until they were nose to nose. “It won’t be fun, and you can leave your pissy attitude at the door. Do not expect to enjoy yourself this evening.”

Exciting new contemporary from Ashe Barker and Katy Swann entitled,


The Master - AB cover

Jodie Price has landed a hot new taekwondo coach and the offer of sponsorship to get her to the Tokyo Olympics. She needs to be at peak physical fitness for the qualifying championships so she’s more than willing to promise there’ll be no more drinking or partying until after the selection is over. But she can’t resist one last fling before the work starts in earnest. After all, one night at her favorite BDSM club won’t do any harm…

But she hadn’t bargained on her sexy new coach being a dom, and when she literally bumps into Dylan Atkins at the club, he’s determined to show her that he’s her master, in the dungeon as well as in the dojang.

A hard spanking settles the matter.

Jodie and Dylan agree to put their relationship on hold and concentrate on their sport, but they can’t keep their hands off each other. It’s not long before Jodie ends up in his bed with her ass burning from another punishment. Their relationship deepens, and Jodie’s life seems perfect as she sets her sights firmly on making it to Tokyo with Team GB.

But when she discovers that the very person she thought of as her saviour is out to destroy her career with blackmail and threats, she doesn’t know where to turn. Worse, the repercussions are affecting her relationship with Dylan. Suddenly, she has a lot more to lose than just her dreams of Olympic gold.

Publisher’s Note: The Master includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Let’s explore an excerpt!

The deal settled, Dylan glanced about and spotted a vacant spanking bench a few yards away. He offered her his hand, and she took it.

“House safewords, okay?” He gestured to Jodie to assume the position on the bench.

“Red, yellow, green. Yes, that’s fine, Master Dylan. Do… do you want me to undress?”

Dylan seriously doubted that, once out of that dress, she’d be going back into it any time soon. “What do you have on under it?”

“Just a thong, Sir.”

“That’ll be fine.” He was already pushing the boundaries. He had no intention of touching her. A thong would preserve some sliver of modesty whilst offering no protection from his paddle.

He waited until she was draped across the top of the bench, then crouched to secure the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Given that she wanted this spanking, the restraints weren’t needed for practical purposes, but she’d mentioned she enjoyed being tied up, so why not?


“Yes, Master Dylan. Thank you.”

He peeled back the scrap of red latex that purported to make up the skirt of her dress and rolled it up to her waist. The thong beneath was made of bright red satin and disappeared between the rounded cheeks of her delectable ass. He could just make out the darker patch between her thighs that betrayed her arousal.

Good. That makes two of us.

A selection of spanking implements was displayed on the wall behind the bench. Dylan already had a good idea what he intended to use but took his time over making his choice. His little newbie sub would benefit from the wait. Eventually, he lifted down a paddle made of polished wood. It was of medium weight and would deliver a resounding, heavy stroke, more of a thud than a slap really. It would make plenty of noise, and he knew that would add considerably to the experience for Jodie.

“This is going to smart, but you’ll be fine for practice on Monday. That’s almost three days away.”

“Th-thank you.” She clenched her buttocks in anticipation as he took up position behind her.

“Ten strokes. You can count them if you like.”

“Only ten?” She shifted on the bench. “I usually manage more than that.”

Was that a note of disappointment in her voice? Dylan grinned. She’ll learn.

“We’re dealing in quality here, not quantity. Ten will be ample, I assure you.”

“Oh, but—”

“Are you ready, Jodie?” He tapped her upturned buttock with the flat of the paddle.

“Yes, Sir. I’m ready. I… Oh!”

She let out a satisfying squeal when he dropped the first stroke across her right cheek. The outline of the paddle bloomed in bright red across her creamy skin.

Pretty as a picture, he thought.

“Are you counting, Jodie?”

“What? Oh, yes. One, Sir.” Her voice was considerably less even now, her breath coming in short, quick pants. Oh, yes, she would most certainly learn.

He shifted slightly and raised the paddle again.

Jodie yelped, shrieked, writhed in the restraints. This will be a memorable lesson, he reflected as she counted out the next three strokes, whimpering between each one.

He spread the spanks evenly across her buttocks. Each cheek now bloomed beautifully, her gorgeous globes clenching and quivering as he selected his spot for the next slap.

The sound made by the paddle was sublime. A swift whistle as it whooshed through the air, then a deep, resonating thud when it connected with her flesh. From her squeals and grunts it was obvious Jodie appreciated the finer qualities of the implement; in particular, its ability to deliver a serious and memorable lesson with little in the way of aftereffects.

You can purchase this contemporary novel at these locations:

Amazon US

Amazon UK


(and it’s FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited)

About Ashe Barker

USA Today Bestselling author Ashe Barker writes erotic romance and spanking romance in a variety of genres including contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, historical. ménage, gay romance and time travel. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and all her stories feature hot alpha males and sassy submissives, often with a lot to learn. Kink abounds, and there’s enough dirty talk to satisfy the most demanding smut lover. However dark and dirty the setting, love always emerges triumphant, and her stories never fail to deliver a satisfying happy ever after.

About Katy Swann

Katy lives in Kent, UK with her husband, three children and three cats. She writes erotic BDSM romance with a strong emphasis on Dominance and submission. Katy explores both the emotional and sexual elements of D/s, with Doms that are firm but caring and submissives that are strong and feisty. 

She loves the 4 C’s: cats, chocolate, champagne, and coffee. When she’s not writing she spends her time as a glorified taxi driver for her children and even finds time now and then to indulge in her interests, which include Tai Chi, dance, music, aviation, and reading. 

Ashe Barker’s Social Media Links and Newsletter sign-up

Newsletter Sign-up







His Land, His Law

Since she inherited her parents’ home, Cara Eckford has used walks in the nearby woods as inspiration for her art, so she is shocked and upset upon finding that ‘No Trespassing’ signs have recently been put up on the property. But when she angrily confronts the land’s new owner, the infuriatingly sexy Luke McCrae, she merely earns herself a stern scolding and a sound spanking.
Despite her irritation, Luke’s bold dominance leaves Cara’s heart racing and her panties soaked. He soon proves more than ready to tame her fiery temper with his belt applied to her bare bottom, but even with tears in her eyes and her backside on fire Cara’s need for Luke cannot be denied, and when he takes her in his arms his masterful lovemaking satisfies her deeply.
Cara’s newfound romance with Luke grows stronger and more passionate with each passing day, but when conflict over his plans for her beloved forest threatens to tear them apart, can she make use of her powerful connection to both of their ancestors to convince him to change his mind?

Publisher’s Note: His Land, His Law includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Libby Campbell’s new book is out and waiting for all you lovers of good spanking fun!

His Land, His Law-LC_full cover

How about a nice exciting excerpt from Libby?

Everything that was good and right in Cara’s world was because of the serenity on this small corner of Salt Spring Island. Land that should have been hers, lost through a tragedy one hundred years ago, was slipping through her family hands again.

“Don’t talk to me like that, please.” Luke’s voice low and authoritative.

“I’ll talk to you any way I fucking well please.”

He was six inches taller than her and at least forty pounds heavier. Cara didn’t care. She was angry at the No Trespassing signs. She was angry at the news that he wouldn’t sell to her. When he had the nerve to tell her not to swear, her temper detonated. Sparks of silvery hot rage popped in her peripheral vision.

She looked over his shoulder and gasped, as though something was behind him. When he turned to see what it was, she braced herself in horse stance, clenched her hand into a fist, and drove a hard punch into his gut. It was like pounding concrete.

“Ah, you’re a scrapper, are you?” He recoiled sharply before closing the gap between them and wrapping an arm around her waist. The cedar and smoke scent of him filled her head as he planted one foot on a large boulder and deftly flipped her over his knee. “You need to learn some manners,” he said, lifting the hem of her skirt.

Cool air breezed across the top of Cara’s thighs as the blood rushed to her head. Her long hair hung down, coiling in the dried arbutus leaves beneath her.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she shrieked with outrage, kicking her legs and flailing her arms. He pinned her to his left knee, trapping her kicking legs under his muscular right thigh.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” she said, trying to right herself.

“You mean like this?” He smacked her panty-clad bottom hard. “Or this?” His hand fell on the top of her thighs. His hands felt as big as dinner plates and hard as wood. One smack followed another. When she reached back and swatted against the blows, he caught her wrists together and pinned them in the small of her back.

Cara’s breath whooshed out of her lungs at the sensation of being bent to his will. She forced herself to start breathing again as he smacked her bottom rhythmically and unrelentingly.

“Stop it!” she demanded, between swats. Luke ignored her. She barely caught her breath after one slap, when another followed. Conflicting sensations of desire and resentment churned as her bottom started to sting.

She was strong, but he was much stronger. She twisted and writhed but never enough to break away. After what felt like an eternity of spanking, the only thing registering on her consciousness was his hard hand raining down on her buttocks and thighs. Time, as she knew it, stopped.

You can purchase His Land, His Law from Amazon!

Don’t miss these other great books from Libby Campbell:

The Romancing the Coast Series

Seeing Ronnie.(book 1)

Holding Cynthia (book 2)

Trusting Ingrid (book 3)

A Time For Will

Simon in Charge – 3 book box-set

Libby Campbell in her own words:

“I’m in love with love. My romance stories feature strong, self-reliant women who challenge the powerful men who love them.

My books are set in the Pacific Northwest, a part of the world I know well and love deeply.

I’ve lived all over Canada, but the best decision of my life was when I moved to Australia to marry my leading man. After many years there, we moved back to the Pacific Northwest. We now live in a leafy neighborhood close to the sea.

My passions are reading and writing. I also love hiking, beachcombing, and an occasional night of dancing.”

Connect with Libby Campbell on social media:

Sign up for her newsletter here: Libby Campbell newsletter

Visit her website and blog here: Libby Campbell

Find her on Facebook –

Follow her on Twitter: @LibbyC26

Visit her Amazon author page:



Now out, Theirs to Master!

Paige Wilcox has been lusting after the Carlson brothers since the first time she saw the two men enter the cops’ bar where she works.  Problem is, neither man shows her the slightest interest-not until her sister is attacked at a club and they discover Paige posing as a submissive to draw out the assailant.  

Troy and Trevor Carlson always found the feisty redhead attractive but steered clear of personal involvement since she showed no signs of being sexually submissive.  Fear for her safety and a determination to keep her out of their investigation into a serial attacker prods them to insist she complete the terms of an auction contract after they win the bid on her.  Neither Paige nor the brothers are prepared for the streak of submissiveness she exhibits under their dual control.

Introducing BJWanes newest in the Miami Masters series, Theirs to Master

Publisher’s Note:  This steamy contemporary ménage romance contains elements of power exchange.  While it is book six of the Miami Masters series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


Theirs to Master - BJ Cover 200x300

Excerpt from this steamy new novel

“You want to pop up and get our usual’s, sugar?”

Paige jerked, banging her head under the counter.  “Tiddle twat!” she muttered, rubbing her crown as she pushed slowly to her feet.  The amusement in that familiar voice curled her toes, and her body reacted with the same warm flush she experienced every time she heard it.  Before turning around, she tried to guess which Carlson brother this time had her fired up on all cylinders with just a few words. Her libido never failed to jump start when either man spoke to her, or assessed her with those dark brown eyes, or brushed his fingers against her when she handed over a drink.  The fact she experienced the same quick reaction to both men always left her flustered, and just a touch annoyed.

Pivoting, she aimed a smile at Troy and Trevor seated at the bar, her heart tripping at the sight of the two hottest city employees it’d been her pleasure to serve. Man candy.  Hunk on a stick.  Drool-worthy. Panty melting.  Hunk a hunk a burning…lust. Every one of those euphemisms described the brothers who were so far out of her league they may as well be on the moon.  Unlike a few other regular patrons, neither man had ever made a pass at her, never even hinted one might be interested in rolling around on her bed for a few nights of hot, sweaty sex, but that hadn’t kept the fantasies from giving her more than one sleepless night.  

“Tiddle twat?  I must have really startled you.”  Trevor, the one with the sexy face scruff and a twinkle in his eyes cocked his head and winked.

“You did.  I didn’t hear you come up.”  Glancing at Troy, she nodded, stretching her smile.  “Detective. You two haven’t been by in a while.” Setting two glasses on the bar, she reached underneath and grabbed the whiskey.  She knew her customers.

“Too many bad guys to track down.  How have you been, Paige?” Troy asked, his low, deep voice sending a delightful shiver down her spine.  If she didn’t know better, she’d think he wanted an honest answer and would care about her reply instead of delivering polite platitudes.  Both men possessed that way about them, talking to you as if you mattered as if they really wanted to hear what you had to say. Maybe that accounted for her continued, uncharacteristic responses to the brothers whenever they came in.

“I’m good, thanks.”  Adding sour mix to the whiskey, she dropped in a slender straw and slid the drinks over.  “At least we’re not being plagued with a serial killer or some other such cretin. And spring break is still weeks away, so you don’t have those headaches to deal with yet.”  A shadow crossed both men’s faces, Troy’s jaw clenching when she joked about a serial killer. “Have I missed something in the news?”

“No, nothing you need to worry about,” Trevor soothed.  Of the two, he seemed to be the easy-going one. He often expressed more of a sense of humor than his brother.  “No openings for us on your schedule yet?”

They’d asked her to put both of them on her waiting list for cleaning services a few months ago, but so far Paige hadn’t been able to squeeze them in her busy schedule.  She may flit from job to job, but with every position she’d held, she’d given her all, ensuring the only complaint when she moved on would be over her leaving.

“Not yet.”  She shrugged.  “What can I say?  My clients stick with me, I’m that good.”  She drawled the double innuendo on purpose, just to tease.  Both men carried a hard edge vibe that went against her independent nature regardless of the attraction she couldn’t seem to control, but that never stopped her from wanting to get under their skin the way they had hers.

“You don’t say.”  Troy glanced askance at his brother.  “It looks like we’ll have to keep waiting, bro.”

“By the time she squeezes us in, our places will be a mess.  Might take extra effort on her part to…please us.” Paige’s face warmed from Trevor’s wink.  She could swear there was a hidden meaning in their innocent remarks, but their expressions remained bland and just a touch too innocent.

To settle one craving, she plucked her half-eaten candy bar off the shelf and bit into the nutty chocolate, enjoying the pleasant wave of awareness their presence and chummy banter always produced.  If she couldn’t have one in her bed, she could damn well enjoy their company.


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I live in the Midwest with my husband and our two dogs.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I now much prefer being a homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking. My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre to read is suspense.