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I love cats, and I know some of you might too. Thought you would enjoy this fun little meme. 🙂

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Destiny’s Path is available in these three giveaways, as are a ton of other books you might like. Enjoy browsing!

Destiny’s Path

Destiny Hancock has had vivid dreams all her life of a brown-eyed handsome stranger staring at her with menacing intent. Life in rural Kansas is very placid and boring, and Destiny hasn’t a clue as to why this stranger keeps invading her dreams. She suspects it has something to do with a meandering path in the woods that beckons to her and an old chest her mother left behind in her bedroom closet.

Alone in the world, with an uncertain future looming, Destiny finds the courage to open the chest to seek the meaning of her dreams and the call of the mysterious path. It’s All Hallows’ Eve, the night anything can happen, and when the handsome man from her dreams suddenly appears from the path, her mouth soon leads her to discover what that menacing look means!

Daniel Ferguson follows his missing milk cow and finds it in the hands of a young woman indecently dressed for the year 1887 and cursing a blue streak while trying to milk the overloaded udders. Why she would steal his cow, he has no idea, but a firm hand to her backside should work wonders for her language and her bad attitude!

The fun really begins when Destiny flees from Daniel, using the path, and finds herself a hundred years in the past, with a hard-handed fiancée, a father she never knew, and none of the modern conveniences she is accustomed to.

And of course, my release of Catching His Snow Bunny is available for pre-order right now for only .99 cents! Grab your copy before it goes to the full price of 3.99 on February 12th. 🙂

It will also be available in paperback soon!

Can the sexy business shark have his revenge…and love?

When Danni Oaks almost runs over the new owner of The Stardust Ski Lodge with her snowmobile, her heart does a double-take. Beneath her temperamental, spoiled attitude lurks a damaged girl with a painful secret. She adamantly refuses to be a deal sweetener for her manipulative father, John Oaks, even if the deal includes the handsome Sanders Linson.

Destroying John Oaks and his company is what drives Sanders Linson until he meets the man’s daughter. Used to smelling blood in the water, he immediately recognizes the pain in the depths of those troubled blue eyes. Sanders is determined to have his revenge on Danni’s father for his destructive business practices that cost him his own parents, but will it cost him the heart of the girl he’s fallen in love with?

There you go, my friends. February is hopping with good deals and good stuff all around! Enjoy!

Hugs, Brandy

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Valentines Day special, just .99 cents for a limited time!

As promised, Catching His Snow Bunny is available for pre-order and will release on February 12th, 2022!

I think you will like this special story, it has meaning for me. I used to live in Salt Lake City at one time and totally loved to snowmobile. Of course, I never met a rich handsome man determined to make me behave, but I had a great time on those machines. My tall dark and handsome fella came later and we are still married today after thirty-seven years. 🙂

Can the sexy business shark have revenge…and love?

When Danni Oaks almost runs over the new owner of The Stardust Ski Lodge with her snowmobile, her heart does a double-take. Beneath her temperamental, spoiled attitude lurks a damaged girl with a painful secret. She adamantly refuses to be a deal sweetener for her manipulative father, John Oaks, even if the deal includes the handsome Sanders Linson.

Destroying John Oaks and his company is what drives Sanders Linson until he meets the man’s daughter. Used to smelling blood in the water, he immediately recognizes the pain in the depths of those troubled blue eyes. Sanders is determined to have his revenge on Danni’s father for his destructive business practices that cost him his own parents, but will it cost him the heart of the girl he’s fallen in love with?

Enjoy this excerpt!

“If you don’t settle down, young lady, I’m going to turn you over and give you a different reason to be upset.”

That got her attention. “You wouldn’t!” She glared at him indignantly.

“Don’t try me,” he warned, his blue eyes glittering with determination. He was happy to see the sassiness coming back though.

Huffing, Danni stopped fighting and allowed him to hold her against his chest as he tucked her head under his chin. Gently, he stroked her long slender arms with his right hand. He held her close with his left arm until he could feel her body relax and stop shaking. Finally, she sighed a soft tremulous breath.

“Talk to me, Danni,” he ordered softly. “Tell me what just happened.” He placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head, loving the clean scent of her hair.

Danni gave a deep sigh and shook her head. “It was nothing, Sanders, honestly. I’m sorry, I just overreacted that’s all.”

“That was not a mere overreaction, honey,” Sanders stated evenly. “You were in downright panic mode,”

“I was not in panic mode,” she denied. “It’s just been a long day and you are right, I’ve never been spanked until today. I’m sore and tired and I just..…. overreacted.” She threw her hands above her head for emphasis. “That’s all there is to it.”

“You’re lying to me, honey,” came the warning voice in her ear.

Reacting in typical flight or fight fashion, Danni rounded on him. “Do you think I go around kissing every Tom, Dick, or Harry that wants in my door? Is that what you think? That I’m a loose woman? Well let me tell you a thing or two, mister, I’m not a loose woman! So just quit trying to make more out of this than there is.”

When he looked slightly amused at her tactics, it made her furious. “Maybe I just didn’t want to kiss you. Ever think of that?” she challenged, her eyes spitting sparks. She jumped off his lap before he could stop her this time and strode to the door. Yanking it open, she turned to him, “Good night, Mr. Linson.”

Getting up slowly with all the grace of a big cat, Sanders walked over to the angry girl. “All right, Danni, we’ll play it your way for now. But I will have my explanation…. and soon, little bunny.”

He walked out the door and Danni shut it behind him, breathing a big sigh of relief as she slumped against it. What in the world was she supposed to do now? Sanders was very quickly breaking down her defenses. When he finally peeled away the layers, the ugly truth would emerge. She couldn’t let him get that far. A part of her really wanted to let him get that far, but trust was a huge issue for her. At the end of the day, she wasn’t ready for that yet.

She wanted to be, oh yes, she certainly did.

Was Sanders a man she could actually trust? Or when the veneer of civilization was stripped away, and raw, naked emotion was left, would he run just like the others? They’d given up before the first layer had even been stripped, her defiance and antagonism.

Her mind troubled, Danni headed for bed.

Catching His Snow Bunny is now available at many fine retailers.

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Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoy the month of love!

Hugs, Brandy

Cyber Monday Christmas Special!

**Available for a limited time!***

When Marlie Grayson rented the upstairs of her Victorian home, she got way more than she bargained for!

Max Quenton has finally found a home for him and his daughter, and he doesn’t intend to be evicted willingly just because he doesn’t meet his new landlady’s expectations!

In honor of cyber Monday, grab your copy of this delightful Christmas romance and lift your spirits for the holiday season!

How about a little teaser? You know you like them!

Max’s eyes twinkled with sudden mischief. “I suppose you can always whisper in the ear of your elf on the shelf to have Santa bring me another place to rent that’s out of your hair,” he teased.

Marlie hated her gut-clenching reaction to his smile. She didn’t want to be affected, didn’t want to like the man, didn’t want him here at all. He was going to interrupt her peace of mind, she just knew it. “I wouldn’t ask that rat bastard for anything,” she spat through clenched teeth. “And especially not through some dumb nameless doll.” She slapped the elf over and it fell on its back, its arms and legs sprawled out, but the stupid grin remained intact.

The air instantly changed and Max’s smile vanished. His long arms folded together on the table as he leaned towards her, his demeanor threatening.

“It sounds to me like you need to be on Santa’s naughty list with that kind of language. With a good old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking for the consequences.”

His pronouncement caught Marlie completely off guard. A queer sensation shot through her entire body, leaving her stunned. For the moment she was speechless as she processed the feelings rushing through her while she tried to coalesce them all into something simple.

“And I better never hear you talk like that in front of my daughter or disillusion her about Christmas. If you do, I’ll be Santa’s helper and put you over my knee myself.”

He picked up the doll she had slapped down and sat him upright, his eyes hard and gleaming. “And I’m not a doll you can slap down.”

“You…you can’t come into my house and threaten me with bodily harm,” Marlie finally sputtered indignantly. She stood up, her slender frame shaking, “Maybe I’ll have you evicted after all and not wait until June!”

He stood up too, and Marlie was keenly aware of the lean muscled body in the black, form-fitting, long-sleeved under armor shirt. His big male hands rested easily on his trim hips, and his long thighs seemed to go on forever. Seeing herself face down over those hard thighs and that sculpted right arm poised in the air with the flat of his open palm ready to spank her backside strangled her breathing. As he came around the table to stand before her, she couldn’t move.  His gaze locked with hers and like the rabbit to the fox, she was helplessly rooted to the spot.

“If you were mine, you would never come to bodily harm if I could help it. But your attitude and language would certainly earn you a trip over my knee for a well-deserved spanking.” 

His voice was a silky growl that left goosebumps in its wake and Marlie shivered. She couldn’t even move when his long fingers tipped her chin up and those demanding eyes devoured her face.

“It’s obvious that something or someone has hurt you deeply, Marlie Grayson and I’m sorry for that. But I’ll still spank that pretty rear of yours if you hurt my daughter.”

The knock on the outer door made her jump and Marlie let out the breath she had been holding as Max turned away and went to get his pizza delivery.

Just before he closed the kitchen door he leaned back and smiled that quirky, crooked smile. “Evict me if you must, but just know that I like it here and I have a contract. Getting rid of  me won’t be easy.”

Grab this bargain here!

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Taming His Feisty Kitten

Wow, the summer has flown by! Hard to believe I haven’t posted a new message for a few months, but at least I’m not filling your inboxes, my friends.

You’ve been wanting a new book to follow up with Taming His Irish Spitfire, and your wish has been granted! Now I’ve decided to create a series about these East Coast Spitfires we all love!


Presenting the second in this series:

***He left her eight years ago, now he wants her back!

When Oliver Tremaine runs into his old high school girlfriend, the sassy brat rekindles complicated feelings he’d left behind. He should never have let Marsha go, and he won’t make the same mistake twice. Even if it means taking her over his knee to remind her who she belongs to.

Marsha Pierson relives Oliver’s painful rejection the instant the handsome vet strides back into her life. In eight long years, no man has fired her dormant desires as he has with a single smoldering look. He says he wants her back, but if she was too curvy for the football hero back then, why should she trust him now?

There’s danger afoot in Hanover park at the reindeer exhibit, and Marsha is right in the middle of it. Can Oliver keep her safe in this brand-new romantic mystery?

Taming His Feisty Kitten is alive on Amazon for pre-order!


I also have a special treat for you today from my “sister” across the pond, the fabulous Vanessa Brooks!

Now, Vanessa is a tad naughtier than I am, so if you love extra naughty, you are going to want to read her first venture into a futuristic, apocalyptic world!

Take a look at this!

1,432 Googly Eyes Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

🔥~Hot new release!~🔥…/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

No man had ever laid hands on her. Now she belongs to two of them. There are no males in the elite city built among the clouds where Alisha was born, and until today, she had never expected to set eyes on a man.

Then her transport crashed, leaving her stranded on the Earth’s surface. Among men. Intelligent and resourceful, but unworldly, Alisha is quickly carried off by two brothers so uncivilized she initially mistook them for wild beasts, and it isn’t long before she learns the hard way that her captors will not hesitate to deal sternly with a disobedient woman.

However, a sore backside soon proves to be the least of Alisha’s worries…these barbarians don’t just plan to claim and share her. They plan to breed her!

Publisher’s Note: Their Possession includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, do not buy this book.

Googly Eyes | Roblox Wiki | Fandom

There you go, my friends, read it if you dare! Okay, fine…yes, I read it! You satisfied?

Vanessa is a superb wordsmith and I can’t resist anything she writes. This book did not disappoint. I couldn’t put it down, the tale was so enthralling, I ended up reading it a second time to make sure I didn’t miss anything. 🙂

Enjoy both these books, my friends!

Hugs, Brandy

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Only .99 cents until midnight!

Hello, everyone

I decided on Thursday to release The Maddie Stories to my newsletter friends and then to my Facebook group. It’s been well received, so if any of you aren’t on either of those, I thought you might like the opportunity to grab this book. I’ll leave it up until around midnight.

.The Maddie Stories

Becoming an indie author is a real learning experience. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. I just celebrated my first year as an independent author and now have 4 books out that I have published.

I wish I had more so I could offer more sales and giveaways to all the wonderful readers (which includes other authors) who have supported me.

I know as a readers, we all are inundated with material these days. Competition is very heavy and there are sales and giveaways galore!

So, as a sign I once read exiting a fast food chain restaurant said, “We know you have other options, thank you for choosing us.”

When I know you have tons of other options, thank you for taking the time to read some books of mine! You are appreciated.

If you would like a free book that doesn’t require a newsletter signup, Staking His Claim is free until tomorrow as a giveaway in Prolific Works Soulmate giveaway. Grab your copy if you haven’t read it and enjoy your summer reading.

Enjoy your day!

All the best,

Brandy Golden

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New Release! And Free summer reads!

Good morning, my friends!

I just wanted you to know that A Shotgun Wedding is now live at all your favorite retailers!

Can the Sheriff and his posse save Deputy Matt McCracken from a fate worse than death?

That’s what marriage is in Matt’s mind…at least until a pair of sea-green eyes and a gut-punching smile makes him start thinking twice!

Grab your copy of A Shotgun Wedding (Brocton Chronicles BookTwo) and find out all the good stuff!

Also for your summer enjoyment, Prolific works has some free summer reads for you in exchange for a newsletter signup! I have a book in this giveaway, but you don’t have to sign up for mine, just download and enjoy Staking His Claim!

Staking His Claim in the Soulmate romance giveaway

Just scroll down until you find it! Lots of other books here as well for you to enjoy for free this summer.

That’s all I have for today. I hope your summer is going well. I assume you are like me and love reading, so it’s my pleasure to bring you news of my releases, and any giveaways I can find for you. Thank you for joining me on this blog, it’s still a work in progress. But I’m grateful for you as a reader, and for your support in my writing journey.

I have a new ornery critter in my household, my husband’s new puppy, Rogue. He is a handful, way to much energy for us as a couple. He needs a tribe of kids to play with and wear him out! I’m sure you all have fur babies to, that you love in spite of themselves. lol

Have a great day and enjoy your reading!

All the best,


What happens when three crazy, shotgun-toting hillbillies insist on a wedding?

His day just went to hillbilly hell…

All Deputy Matt McCracken had to do was take charge of the young boy that had been left in his care by his dying friend. Except things weren’t going quite the way they were supposed to. Turns out Cecil is female!

According to three crazy, shotgun-toting hillbillies, he has to marry the recalcitrant but beautiful mute girl before he can leave the mountains, or settle for pushing up daisies!

It’s up for pre-order now, my friends. Book 2 in the Brocton Chronicles series!

The first one, The Maddie Stories is already out!


Universal link for Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc. Click here!

If you haven’t had a chance to read The Maddie Stories, it will be going on sale for one day on 07/26/2021 for only .99 cents. Watch for it!

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A Lass Worth Fighting For only .99 cents for a limited time!

I’m supporting Maren Smith’s New Publishing Company, as are many authors! A ton of books for only .99 cents each! Watch for them and grab your copies!

Get your copy of A Lass Worth Fighting For here!

Poe and Kellina, a powerful love story of people who have lost so much, yet found love again. Even in the midst of tragedy, there is always hope. Get your copy today!

Enjoy the week, my friends, and happy reading!

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