Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas

Blushing Books presents their new anthology this year, Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas! There are twelve delicious stories in this book, plus a bonus! And blushing has a contest going to win a free Kindle connected with these books! Check it out on Amazon and Blushing Books! I have Christmas story in this anthology entitled “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”  Enjoy the free excerpt below”

Drake’s  went dark and a warning brow slashed upwards at her audacity. “If you need a good butt warming, little girl, I’ll make sure you get it from now on. I’m not making that mistake again.”

“You’re doing it again,” fumed Madison, glaring back at him. It was true that she hadn’t enjoyed the spanking, but the residual warmth was spreading to other areas and the desire to be close to him was growing. There was no denying she was aroused. She felt it in her panties and the thought humiliated her. He didn’t care for her in that way anymore. Just because he’d punished with a hard kiss and a spanking didn’t mean he wanted her in his life again. That part of their relationship was over and she didn’t dare hope he might still care. That would be expecting too much and life wasn’t that good to her.

“Doing what?”

“Threatening me all the time!”

He grinned suddenly and it made her feel like the sun had come out from behind a cloud. “Baby, that’s not a threat, that’s a promise.”

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