Presenting Jane Burelli!

Hi, folks!

Today I’m pleased to announce a new fantasy story by Jane Burelli entitled HIDDEN EMBERS!

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Sales Blurb
When the gods breathed life into us, they blessed us with an element. It’s
a pity they didn’t care to bless anything else.
The Empress of the Throne of Flames is assassinated. Acting as a decoy
to protect the next Empress, the undervalued Princess Nymira flees to
the north. She must now carry the sacred sword, the symbol of her
people and rejoin the Empress.
It is a mission Mira cannot fail but first, she must traverse the Western
wastelands. The journey is perilous and the once sheltered princess
finds herself rescued by the Ice Lord, Zorren. The leader of the Iceari, the
natural enemy to Firelanders.
Zorren is reputed to be a ruthless leader and Mira fights the attraction
that blazes between them. Resulting in a clash of not only their wills but
also their elements. After all, fire and ice don’t mix. Or do they?
This is book one of the new Bride of Fire series. Join the journey to
a mystical world and the adventure and romance that awaits.
Publisher’s Note: This fantasy romance is intended for adults only and
contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, adventure, and sensual
scenes set in an apocalyptic world
Sound exciting, right?  Here’s a little bit about Jane.
When I realized the world was not hiring for a ‘sarcastic but benign
Supreme Ruler of the Universe’ I decided to focus on my passion. By
day I work in a UK company’s finance department and by night I become
my alter ego Scribble Girl or as my good friends have affectionately
dubbed me the ‘sex author’. Always armed with a notepad and pen in the
black hole I call a handbag, I have been writing never ending stories
since the age of 11 and this all stemmed from my love of reading.
I love reading. Period!
I’m part of the Harry Potter generation and while waiting between books
would literally devour any book I could get my hands on. Let’s put it this
way J.K Rowling has a lot to answer for. I adore that there is no end in
sight to where your own imagination can take you and that between the
pages of a book you are transported to another world.
Happy Reading!
Teaser from Jane’s new book!
What the Goddess’ name are you doing?” I screeched. Rearing up I found a firm hand planted in the center of my back pinning me in place.The only thing I had succeeded in doing was loosening my own trews. Tomy horror, his fingers curled into the waistband. I threw my hips from side to side, my attempts at evasion pitiful. “You can’t do this!” My protest went unheeded. He calmly took a firm grasp of my hips and threw his leg over mine. Panting, I found I couldn’t move, trapped like a creature in a snare.
“I’m making sure I can see if I truly hurt you.”
The fabric rasped over my tender skin. Shivering, my squirming bottom revealed to the elements, the chilled air bringing a moment of relief. “Trust me, it hurt.”
His hand rubbed the reddened flesh, murmuring, “Your skin colors so easily.”
The touch ignited a steady throb between my legs—what inKhatri’s name? The pause allowed me to gather my wits.
“Do you know why you are in this position?”
Khatri’s tits, he wanted to talk now!“Because you can’t abide being defied!” I hissed, struggling to concentrate on anything but calloused fingers now tracing patterns on my heated flesh. Closer and closer to the apex and I wiggled, longing for more of the same. The soft touch lingering at the sensitive crease where buttock met thigh. I shivered but it was different from the previous man who had touched me. It wasn’t revulsion, it ignited a fire that I didn’t know how to put out.
“Is that what you think?”
Lazily the finger drew back and forth, and my muscles jerked in response. The unexpected wallop shattered the first inklings of pleasure and sent my cheeks bouncing. The sting increasing tenfold without clothing to mute it.
“Try again.”
Wow, what a great teaser!  Be sure and check out Jane at this links as well.
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  1. Jane, in case you aren’t following my blog, here is what the post looked like that went out to my followers. 🙂 Again, those spaces are missing between the paragraphs, and they do show up on my blog itself, but when it transfers to an email, they are all single space.  Go figure! Brandy


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