Welcome, Vanessa Brooks!

This strong-willed aristocratic bride is no match for her determined American husband. This new Victorian romance is sizzling with action as John and Linnett strike sparks off each other in Her Match, Her Mate, Her Master!

. A shrewd, rugged American colonial meets a beautiful spoiled
aristocratic Lady.
. An epic tale which begins in Georgian England and travels across
the wide Atlantic Ocean to the Americas.
. A couple mismatched?
. Yes.
. But are they attracted to one another?
. Oh yes.
. An adventure that begins with a tempestuous honeymoon and
ends with a shipwreck and a Lady kidnapped by natives.
. Does this story end well?
. I am not telling, read it for yourself and find out!
. But most of all buckle up and enjoy this rollercoaster ride!
Let’s enjoy a lovely excerpt from this delicious book.
She pulled the rug up under her chin, staring warily over it with narrowed eyes while failing to repress her shivering.
“Now what is the matter?” he asked. “Look, as much as I would like to put you over my knee and spank you soundly, which incidentally, you do very much deserve, I think we must concentrate on getting you warm, if not dry before you catch your death from cold. Just look how wet you are!” He grabbed the blanket and pulled it away from her. “Come now, there’s a good girl, let’s get you as dry as we can,” he coaxed.
He’d intended to rub her briskly with the blanket, but when he stretched out his hand, she whipped forward and sunk her teeth deep into his wrist, drawing blood.
“Yee-ouch! Why you spiteful baggage! I have a mind to–you’ve been asking for this you little brat and that piece of foolishness has decided it. I’m going to warm you up properly!”
Provoked beyond endurance and recalling her vicious attack upon him earlier in the evening, not to mention her ill-mannered behavior over the past few days, John hauled Linnet across his knee, determined to teach her a much-needed lesson in manners.  Raising his arm he proceeded to spank her with emphasis. 
Her head was smothered in the wet wool rug, which hampered her struggles and muffles her cries. She still managed to sink her sharp teeth into his thigh, although the blanket took the worst of the bite, and he jumped and gritted his teeth. Compelled to teach the English harridan a lesson she’d not soon forget, he renewed his vigorous chastisement of her backside.
A little bit about Vanessa
Internation bestselling author Vanessa Brooks lives in Sussex, England. She has a lifelong love of history, most especially English and American. She has written a couple of western tales, one notably for the Red Petticoat series which was such a huge success in America.  Her Georgian series, Masterful Husbands, set in the 1700s has also proved highly successful on both sides of the Atlantic.
Vanessa’s novels are generally historically based; she has a knack for bringing an authenticity to the era in which her novels are set. Vanessa carefully researches each time period and strives to ensure that any historical facts she uses are correct.
More importantly, she likes to write an entertaining book for her readers to enjoy.  She includes passion, adventure, romance, and domestic discipline, de rigueur, within the eras of her popular novels.
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