Look what’s coming for Christmas!

Wow, I get to participate in a wonderful Christmas Anthology. Watch for more information as it comes out. This amazing book will be here before you know it, namely, November 1st! 

The title of my contribution will be Trusting her Highland Laird. Would you like a snippet to whet your appetite? Check below the cover photo!


Finally, she placed her hand on the heavy, ornate door handle, her fingers trembling. What would she find in this room? All the things she’d heard came rushing into her mind. Her heart raced madly, and her breath dried in her throat. Images of racks and torture implements flashed through her head as she pictured gruesome body parts lying around and skeletal remains staring up at her. She took a deep breath and scolded herself. Of course, there wouldn’t be any body parts lying around, for heaven’s sake. This was the eighteenth century after all. Men were more civilized these days, weren’t they? A small part of her argued against that thought. Not all men were more civilized. She started when a large, warm hand laid itself on top of her cold one.

“Let me go in first, Leenie,” Gallagher said firmly, removing her hand and gently pushing her back.

 “He was my husband,” she gasped, although she was more than happy to let him precede her.

“And he was my father if ye want to argue territorial rights,” he mocked, his eyes glinting with determination. “Ye’re a hard lass to protect, ye know that? Ye keep rushing headlong into things that could hurt ye, and ye have more stubbornness and pride than the Lord should have dished out to ye.”

She nodded, her long, wheat-colored locks falling gently around her face. “Aye, ’tis so. But then I’m used to taking care of myself, so it’s hard to let go.” She smiled faintly up at him, acknowledging the truth of his words.

“Ye don’t have to anymore. I’m here, and ye can trust me in all things,” he replied, tender, brushing the back of his hand against the softness of her cheek.

         “I…I do trust ye, Gallagher,” she replied, her voice hesitant.

      “I believe ye want to trust me,” he corrected gently, “but ye aren’t there yet, not completely.”

His observation stung and she lifted her chin. “That’s nonsense, of course, I trust ye.” Her voice grew stronger, and the fierce warrior Eileen, the woman who had waged a war of vengeance against her half-brother, rose to the occasion. Her eyes flashed with a challenge. “Name one time I haven’t trusted ye after we decided to stay together. Just one,” she demanded.

Be watching for this Christmas extravaganza of sixteen stories, including Eileen and Gallagher as Eileen struggles to place herself in willing hands, no holds barred.  Will she succeed?

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