USA Today’s Happy Ever After brings us the 2018 best Christmas Anthologies!

We are proud to say that Seduced Under the Mistletoe, among others, has been chosen for this honor!

Sixteen stories of Yuletide romance from a broad range of time periods, brimming with scandal, sizzling passion and the promise of true love. From the snowbound Highlands to candlelit ballrooms, follow these feisty heroines as they unmask secret identities, scorn etiquette and defy danger.



We hope you enjoy unwrapping these sixteen gorgeous novellas of love at Christmas! What a lovely holiday collection!

Yuletide Yielding by Ashe Barker

She shares his bed and he has her heart. Lynet is a powerless thrall in Stian’s household, property to be bought and sold on a whim. She adores her Viking captor and knows he cares for her. But this Yuletide he is to wed and that changes everything…

Trusting Her Highland Laird by Brandy Golden

Laird Gallagher loves his feisty Scottish beauty just as she is, but Eileen wishes to overcome her terror of the dark and demonstrate her trust, by donning a blindfold. Will the experiment drive her fear deeper, or can he prove that love conquers all?

Duke of Christmas by Ellie St Clair

In the cold winter of 1784, Lady Marie Coleman is determined to break all ties to her ever-absent betrothed. Lionel Harrington is enjoying life for as long as he can without a care for the consequences.

Until one night at a ball, Lionel is captivated by the woman he has avoided for so long. Searching out an invitation to the St. James house party, Christmastide takes on a whole new meaning as he sets out to win over his future wife.

A Christmas Masquerade by Vanessa Brooks

The French Revolution left behind a damaged angel. A bewildered child. A man in despair. Can the bitter Yuletide winds drive a Christmas miracle? Will there be enough seasonal magic to heal all three?

Peril With a Prince by Emily Murdoch

Prince Edward of Aviroux is hunting down the Great Whisperer – the spy helping the French nobility escape the guillotine – when thwarted by the delectable Giselle.

He’s never met a woman like her; resourceful, cunning, and ready for a fight. What he doesn’t realize, is that she’s just the spy he’s looking for.

Trapped on an island together, will Edward discover Giselle’s terrible secret? Or will he reveal some of his own?

Her Mistletoe Promise by Jaye Peaches

Sent home from the battlefields of the Napoleonic wars, disgraced Lieutenant Elias Seton catches the attention of Jenny Templeton, who has fled London following a scandal.

Determined to cheer him up, and with little thought for her reputation, Jenny seduces the officer and promises to keep him company every night between Christmas Day and Twelfth Night.

After their first night together, Jenny discovers Elias is a demanding master of the bedroom. Will she be able to fulfill her promise? And what if her family discovers them together?

Mistletoe Mistress by Nicola Davidson

England, December 1813: Miss Rachel Lindsay is desperate. Abandoned at an isolated country inn on a snowy Christmas Eve, her only hope is a wealthy, stern, and sinfully handsome stranger – masquerading as her husband.

Awaiting a carriage repair, Arran Elliott, Marquess of Kyle, needs lodgings. And, it seems, a wife.

But when their bargain turns into nights of scorching passion and sensual discipline, he let the spirited and curvy beauty go. His – and her – secrets, be damned… 

The Gentleman’s Seduction by Lauren Smith

Martin Banks wins a woman in a wager – the daughter of his most hated enemy, yet her spirit and passion remind him of how much he longs for love, in this Regency Christmas tale.

Bastion’s Surrender by Carole Mortimer

Abigail Brown’s first meeting with Lord Bastion Forbes, the Earl of Shaftesbury, is to find him tied naked to a bed at the notorious Club Venus, where she now works.

The following evening, she learns he is to be the gentleman who claims her virginity. But things are not always as they appear, and despite the unusual start to their acquaintance, Abigail quickly finds herself falling in love with the arrogant earl.

However, once the earl learns of her true identity, she has every reason to believe he will never return her feelings.

My Lady of Misrule by Amy Rose Bennett

When widowed countess, Minerva, Lady Harlow, discovers a devastating secret about her late husband, she turns to trusted friend Tristan King for support. However, when a long-denied desire flares to life – and Minerva and Tristan agree to a Twelfth Night tryst – Tristan worries that a secret of his own will ruin a treasured friendship.

But then again, perhaps this shared night of wicked, unbridled passion will spark an everlasting love…

A Wicked Christmas Wish by Em Brown

In this wickedly hot Regency, a husband betrayed ventures into the realm of domination and submission to claim his estranged wife. But will his intentions to satiate his burning desires backfire and ruin Christmas?

A Bluestocking for Christmas by Viola Morne

Addy Blye is pretty, clever, and poor. When her failing father can’t undertake his newest contract, Addy decides to impersonate him. Arriving in Cornwall, she meets the Duke of Trelawney, who is furious at her deception. Handsome and powerful, he stirs Addy’s darkest desires, but can she trust him with her heart?

The Marriage Game by Gracie Malling

In Victorian England, a Christmas parlor game goes awry when Anna, a virtuous young lady, finds herself upended over the lap of David, her best friend’s rakish older brother.

Now it’s Christmas, two years later, and David has returned from the British army determined to make Anna his bride. But can she trust he’s serious? Or is this just another one of his games?

Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night by Stacy Reid

Primrose Markham and Captain Gabriel Northcote cannot deny the burning hunger between them. Will a wicked night of passion on a winter’s night lead to the greatest love? Or only to betrayal?

The Night Before Scandal by Scarlett Scott

When a handsome lord and an eccentric lady meet in the midst of a blizzard at a country house party, a scandal is not far behind. What happens in a carriage does not always stay in a carriage, and Lord Harry and Lady Alexandra are forced to make a match to avoid ruination.

Will they find true love together by Christmas Day?

Master of the Moor by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

After more than twenty years in exile, Lord Mallon returns to his native Dartmoor – a place vast, and barren and mysterious – there meets the charming Comtesse de Rosseline.

Neither believe in love, but the attraction between them is immediate and irresistible. Can they defy the ghosts of the past, allowing their tempestuous affair to mature into something more?





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