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Coming home for Christmas means Madison Delaney will have to face the ‘I told you so‘ of Drake Lanyard, the angry cowboy she’d left behind.  Heartbroken and tired, she knows she deserves his censure, and the most she can hope for is forgiveness. Unless someone has a Christmas miracle in reserve for Madison, the man she loves is permanently beyond her reach. But miracles are in short supply. 
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An excerpt for you to enjoy:

Drake was quiet for a moment and then he asked.“Did you care for me at all, Madison?

Madison took a deep breath. “I can’t take any more hurt right now, Drake. I’m not sure what I feel.”

Okay, I can understand that–but did you ever care for me?” He asked the question painfully, needing to know that he hadn’t suffered for three years alone in a love that hadn’t been returned at all.

Madison looked up at him, searching his face. His handsome features seemed vulnerable at that moment and she realized he was very serious. “I…I did care for you, Drake.” She couldn’t admit that she’d loved him. She hadn’t even known it herself at the time. “But…I was also…afraid.”

Afraid? Of me?” He looked incredulous. “I would never hurt you, surely you knew that!”

You were always…threatening me,” she finished vaguely, flushing.

Threatening you? In what way?” He looked genuinely puzzled and Madison shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

You know…always threatening to…to…”

It finally dawned on him what she was getting at and he barked a short surprised laugh. “You mean threatening to spank you?”

She nodded as she felt the flush of embarrassment steal into her cheeks. How dare he laugh at her? Turning away, she walked up the sidewalk towards the white wooden house neatly painted and trimmed with holiday garland on the tall front pillars. Her foot was on the first step when a hand on her arm swung her back around to face him.

I only threatened you because you deserved it. You were a spoiled, selfish little brat that needed a good paddling more than once. I should have just done it instead of talking about it. Believe me, next time I will.”

You’d better not,” she yelled, bringing her hand up to slap him instinctively. What was it about this man that had always made her so angry that she wanted to strike out at him—to wipe the smug smile off his handsome face? She’d always felt compelled to defy his dominant nature, and today was no different. Even Tom had not engendered these deep feelings within her.

Grabbing her hand, Drake pinned it behind her back and grabbed her hair with his other hand, much like he had before she’d left.

“I figured the little spitfire was still in there somewhere,” he muttered as his mouth lowered to hers. “There’s only one way to deal with the likes of her.”

His mouth landed on hers in a punishing kiss. He ravaged her soft mouth ruthlessly until she was trembling in his arms and her senses swimming. He might be stronger than she was but there was no way she was letting him get away with this. If she didn’t break their clinch, she’d give herself away and she had no intention of being the jilted lover when he was through with her. Maybe she deserved it after what she’d done to him, but she couldn’t bring herself to believe he might ever care for her again. She’d made a big enough fool out of herself already, she had no intention of making it worse.

Finding the instep of his foot she stamped down hard with the heel of her boot, causing him to curse loudly in frustration.

“Damn! You need the full course this time, don’t you?”

He sat on the steps and swiftly pulled her face down over his long hard thighs. “You’ve been asking for this for a long time, and I’m going to give it to you.”

No, let me go,” she demanded, panicking at the results of her rash actions. Madison knew her worst fears were about to be realized when her glove covered palms met the snow on the wooden steps on the left side of his lap. She’d finally riled him enough that he was actually going to spank her!

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