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I’ve been absent due to family obligations for a while, but now I’m back into the swing of things. I sincerely hope you are all doing well during these difficult times, 2020 has been a mess so far!

To get things going, I have an oldie but goodie novella available for free download at the following locations, for your reading pleasure.  There are many free books at these locations in promotion right now for newsletter signups. Even if you are in my newsletter, you can still sign up for the freebie listed below and freebies from other authors as well.

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T C filtered - Copy

Trouble is right! When Mandy Merriweather announces she has no intention of being the last virgin in Cinnaman county, Chad Newcomb disagrees. He’s bound and determined to change her mind, even if he has to put her over his knee to do it. Here’s an excerpt:

“You want to experiment, little girl?” he snapped, his patience running out. “I’ll
show you what you’re in for!”
Mandy stared wide-eyed at the sudden fire in his azure eyes, the determination of
the dark head bending towards hers. She gasped as his sensuous mouth closed cruelly
over hers, taking her soft lips in fierce plunder. He put his lean tanned hand in the curls
that fell to her waist, holding her head still as he ravished her sweetness, a ruthless Aztec
warrior in a pair of boots and a Stetson.
Their hats both fell to the ground as the brims clashed. He pulled her in closer
to his whipcord body, his other arm wrapping around her slender waist like an iron band.
Mandy whimpered in protest and tried to snap her head from side to side, but she
couldn’t escape the punishing mouth that held hers captive. She pushed ineffectually at
the broad shoulders until her traitorous arms finally began a journey of their own, up and around his powerful neck.
When her fingers slid into the fine dark hair at the nape of his neck and her soft
contours began to melt into his length, his ravaging kiss changed to something even more devastating. Desire slithered along her veins like quicksilver as she tentatively returned his exploration, her tongue sliding along the inside of his lips.
Her surrender was complete.
Nothing else but Chad existed at that moment and she returned his ardor as hot, sweet
pleasure encompassed her entire body. She fit into him like a glove and her pert breasts
ached where they thrust against his hard chest. She had often wondered what it might be
like to kiss Chad, but he was just a friend, her self appointed protector since high school.
When he finally broke off the kiss and stood back to stare at her, she gasped, panting for breath, her senses still reeling. She was not so naïve that she didn’t recognize the signs of powerful desire and she trembled, staring wide-eyed back at him. How could this be? He wasn’t supposed to have this effect on her! She put her shaking fingers to her swollen lips, touching them in wonder, feeling the heat he had left upon them.
“Mandy…I’m sorry…I…I’m just sorry, that’s all,” he rasped hoarsely, running
his fingers through his black hair and standing back.
“Sorry for what?” Mandy’s voice was a whisper, her cornflower blue eyes like
saucers. “Sorry, you kissed me? Sorry, we’re just friends? What?”
Somehow, everything had changed with just one kiss. One brief moment in time
and suddenly, there was no going back. Confused, she awaited his answer.
“I’m sorry I was so rough with you.” His glittering blue eyes never leaving her
face. “I must have shocked you; I didn’t mean to hurt you. Maybe I should have just spanked your onery little butt instead,” he added flippantly.
Mandy sensed his withdrawal; saw him putting the old friendship fence solidly
back into place. Something inside her wanted to smash it to smithereens, to make him
kiss her again, to declare their friendship null and void and a new contract made…a
contract for lovers. She realized she wanted him.
Oh, geez! She was attracted to her old buddy!
“Shut up,” she snapped abruptly, fiercely. “Just shut up! Don’t tell me you’re
sorry, I don’t want sorry!”
She reached up suddenly and grabbed him around the neck, pressing her slender body
against his hard length. Tell me you wanted to kiss me!”

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