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A Lass Worth Fighting For

“I said come here,” Forbes demanded, giving no quarter to the woman in front of him. His naked command sounded harsh, even to his ears, and he wasn’t sure she would obey him.

         He was right—she laughed at him instead.

         “Come and get me,” she taunted. Her eyes danced merrily as she tipped back and forth on her toes, her hands stuffed in her back-jean pockets.

         “I dinna need to come and get ye; I gave ye an order,” he insisted, standing up and glowering down at her laughing face.

         “Aye, but I dinna take orders from the likes of ye,” she said, not moving one inch towards him.

         “If I have to come after ye, lass, ye’ll be over me knee and squalling like a baby when I’m finished with ye,” he promised savagely. “And then I’ll make love to ye until you can’t stand up anymore. Ye are mine.

         Images of him pounding into her from behind filled his head, the mounds of her reddened bottom warm where he touched her. He’d make her scream with pleasure after he punished her for disobeying him.

Why wouldn’t the bloody woman just obey him?

         She waggled her forefinger back and forth in denial. “Oh no, ye dinna get yere way that easily,” she promised, her beautiful eyes mocking him. “Ye’ll have to fight to get me over yere lap, or in yere bed for that matter.”

         She turned away when he reached for her, the chocolate brown waves of long hair flying away in the salty sea air. They seemed to move in a very slow circular motion.

He grabbed for those silken strands and missed.

She laughed back over her shoulder as he started after her. “If I’m worth fighting for, then come and get me,” she taunted. “Come and get me, Poe.”

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