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Good morning, my friends. I always like these giveaways because it gives one lucky person a chance for a wonderful prize. Please take the time to enter. You get a chance to win for every author you follow on Bookbub. We appreciate your support as our readers and we want to give something back!

And another great deal is here for you as well. This is an opportunity to check out new authors. This promotion is chock full of authors with a free book for you if you sign up for their fun newsletters that keep you informed. If you don’t like the book and feel that author isn’t for you, you can unsubscribe anytime. It’s easy! That includes my book, Voodoo in the Bayou! It’s available for a free download in this freebie list!

Remy Renquist wants to discover the mysterious treasure her great grandmother has left behind on her island in the Louisiana Bayou. What she didn’t expect to find was that the property is now inhabited by the biggest, grouchiest man in the swamp! She also didn’t expect to find herself attracted to such a golden bear of a man, or that he would take an instant dislike to her and her determination to fulfill her self-imposed mission of discovering the secrets of the old voodoo priestess she was named after.

Cork Renoir is bone weary, disenchanted with the music business, and determined to find peace and solitude in his bayou paradise. But when a frustrating and annoying pipsqueak of a girl disturbs his commune with nature to hunt for treasure, he sees red. And when he is forced to become her guide and protector, he is sure she has deliberately set out to annoy him, and he is determined to straighten her out with a few well-deserved trips across his knees.

Mystery, enchantment and voodoo are in the air, though. Will it weave its spell on the young couple as Remy finds the answers to the past buried on the property?

Disclaimer : Voodoo in the Bayou is a wonderful mystery that takes place in Louisiana swamp country. Complete with a resident ghost and all sorts of strange happenings, it also contains adult spanking, so if this is not to your liking, please do not buy this book.

You can get this book, and many others, for free in the following giveaway until the end of January. Even if you’re already on my newsletter list!

Sealed with a Kiss Giveaway

Vamp wants to wish you all a great new year and happy reading!

She is plotting mischief for the dog, I suspect. She really enjoys annoying him.

Hope you all have a wonderful 2021, and thanks for reading my books. I super appreciate all of you!

Brandy Golden

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