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And for your reading pleasure, I have an oldie but goodie available for pre-order. This book hasn’t been available for years on the market! I’ve refurbished it and added a free chapter of my pirate story coming out in March at the end! It was originally published years ago as The Architect & the Window Washer.

Available for pre-order on Amazon!

She’s a window washer.

He’s an architect.

He wants to tear down a building that holds precious memories for her.

She’s not about to let him!

Also available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other fine retailers.

Goes live next week on the 19th! Grab your copy!


“What are you doing in my car?”  

Ty looked up and saw the incredulous face of the little window washer. She looked furious as she marched up right between the cars to face him from the other side of the car door.

“I was just…”

“You were trying to steal my stereo?” She faced him accusingly. A quick glance told her that her stereo was halfway out. “What are you?  A kleptomaniac?  Because you can’t be stealing for money.”  She stared derisively at his expensive suit and watch.

“I was not stealing…”

“Don’t bother lying,” she scoffed, cutting him off again.  “The evidence speaks for itself.”

Ty slammed the door shut, removing the barrier between her and him. “Do you ever stop talking?” he asked, his words like biting cuts in the evening air. “Because I’ve had just about enough of your mouth, little spitfire. Someone needs to teach you a good lesson in manners.”

Chessy looked up at him, the thought finally occurring to her that they were alone in the parking lot, and there was no one around to stop him from strangling her. She backed up a few steps, hating to back down, but she didn’t know whom she was dealing with here. He was obviously a thief, and a spy—he  might be a murderer, for all she knew.

“D…don’t come any closer,” she replied, her voice wobbling suddenly. She held her hand out in front of her as if to ward him off. She squeaked when he grabbed it and pulled her in closer to him. “Let go of me…oomph.”

Ty wrapped his other hand in the long strawberry strands and bent to pillage the fruit of her delicate lips, holding her in place easily as she struggled. Finally, when she stilled, he looked down into her bemused green eyes. “Have I got your attention now?” Chessy was still mentally wading through a passion-drugged stream, struggling for a foothold. She didn’t have the ability to answer him. She had never been kissed like this before and her brain was still trying to catch up with her body’s reactions. She stared mutely up at him, wondering if he was going to strangle her now. She could see the headlines—woman strangled with no apparent struggle.

“Good. I can see that I have.”  Ty answered his own question, but his hand had a slight tremor as he let go of her wrist to reach up and touch her silent lips. Never had a kiss shaken him up so much. He tried to push aside the unexpected desire to take her back to his home and into his bed. “I’m NOT a thief. Someone was breaking into your car and I interrupted them, that’s all.” He traced the outline of the soft pink protrusions and continued. “Nor am I the corporate spy that your overworking imagination has conjured up.”

He put his hand over her mouth when she opened it to finally speak. “I’m also a man who has come nearly to the end of his patience with you. My instincts right now are to turn you over my knee, bare your sassy butt, and spank the living daylights out of you.” Ty watched as her green eyes shot pure fire at him, but he continued, his hand still over her mouth. “However, this is not the time or the place. But mark my words, spitfire—it’s coming.” 

He dropped his hand then and turned to walk away, feeling very confused with one heck of a bulge in his pants. He needed to put some space and distance between them. She was watching him as he started his car, looking as shell-shocked as he felt. “And next time, lock your car door because that’s going on the list of transgressions I’m going to take out of your backside,” he spat out his window as he drove off.

Chessy finally realized she was holding her breath, and she let it escape from between the lips he had so thoroughly ravaged. She lifted her fingers in silent wonder to touch them as she leaned against her car for support.

If this wasn’t a fine kettle of fish!

This man was the enemy, one of the wealthy and privileged, a sneak, and…and a bloody good kisser! She sighed and opened her car door. “Saints preserve us,” she muttered. “I think I’m falling for him.”

For fun and hijinks, come join myself and the fabulous author, Stevie MacFarlane in The Storytellers with Stevie & Brandy.

I hope all of your have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend with lots of fun reads to devour with those chocolates you’ll be getting!

Best wishes,

Brandy Golden

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