Passion, lies and revenge!

Passion on the High Seas

Old lies revealed.

A ten-year-old hunger for revenge.

Does Madelyn’s satchel hold the answers?

New release!

Revenge in the Caribbean

Mads could have sworn the devil himself had sent the fiery bolts of Hell from his pitchfork right into her buttocks. No matter how much she begged and apologized, the relentless chastisement of his paddle-like hand continued. Tears spurted from her eyes and hoarse sobs burst from her throat as she struggled to endure his scalding displeasure. Finally, she gave up and collapsed over his lap, accepting that her fate would be to never sit again for a meal on a hard chair. He had obviously scarred her for life.
She was so lost in abject misery that it took a few minutes to realize he’d stopped spanking and was now rubbing his palm gently over the backs of her legs and back up and over her bottom. In spite of the agony of contact from his palm, it did feel as if some of the burn was easing.
“L-let me up, please?” she asked humbly, gasping for breath. Maybe she did owe him a real apology, and she was not one to shirk her duty. Although fierce in the face of injustice, she was just as determined to make corrections if she should find she was in the wrong. Besides, there was something about the way he was caressing her that was making her feel funny in her lower regions. The desire to moan with pleasure was replacing the sobs in her throat. This couldn’t be a good thing, even if they were in a fake engagement.
She wondered if Snipes was hovering outside the door and if he’d tried to save her from her fate. Probably not. He’d think she deserved it.
When she felt the dress sliding back down her hips and her body pulled up to sit on Josiah’s lap, she was relieved, although it confirmed her suspicions that she would never sit comfortably again.
“I fear you have ruined my sitting ability forever,” she whispered throatily, huge tears glistening in her eyes and on her cheeks as she wiggled to find a softer spot. Alas, on his hard thigh, there wasn’t any.
Josiah’s stern gaze softened, and a slow grin brought out the dimples in the corners of his mouth, causing her breath to catch. He brushed his thumbs slowly across her cheekbones, inspecting her face as if he were seeing her for the first time.
“I fear, madam, that without your temperamental shenanigans and your pinching, you can be quite charming and amusing. Not to mention very beautiful.
“His breath ghosted across her lips and the peaks of her breasts tingled as the leather vest pressed into her bosom. Yet he did not kiss her.

The third in my Revenge Series is now available. Enjoy, my friends!


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