What happens when three crazy, shotgun-toting hillbillies insist on a wedding?

His day just went to hillbilly hell…

All Deputy Matt McCracken had to do was take charge of the young boy that had been left in his care by his dying friend. Except things weren’t going quite the way they were supposed to. Turns out Cecil is female!

According to three crazy, shotgun-toting hillbillies, he has to marry the recalcitrant but beautiful mute girl before he can leave the mountains, or settle for pushing up daisies!



It’s up for pre-order now, my friends. Book 2 in the Brocton Chronicles series!

The first one, The Maddie Stories is already out!


Universal link for Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc. Click here!

If you haven’t had a chance to read The Maddie Stories, it will be going on sale for one day on 07/26/2021 for only .99 cents. Watch for it!

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Happy Reading, my friends,


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