Only .99 cents until midnight!

Hello, everyone

I decided on Thursday to release The Maddie Stories to my newsletter friends and then to my Facebook group. It’s been well received, so if any of you aren’t on either of those, I thought you might like the opportunity to grab this book. I’ll leave it up until around midnight.

.The Maddie Stories

Becoming an indie author is a real learning experience. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. I just celebrated my first year as an independent author and now have 4 books out that I have published.

I wish I had more so I could offer more sales and giveaways to all the wonderful readers (which includes other authors) who have supported me.

I know as a readers, we all are inundated with material these days. Competition is very heavy and there are sales and giveaways galore!

So, as a sign I once read exiting a fast food chain restaurant said, “We know you have other options, thank you for choosing us.”

When I know you have tons of other options, thank you for taking the time to read some books of mine! You are appreciated.

If you would like a free book that doesn’t require a newsletter signup, Staking His Claim is free until tomorrow as a giveaway in Prolific Works Soulmate giveaway. Grab your copy if you haven’t read it and enjoy your summer reading.

Enjoy your day!

All the best,

Brandy Golden

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