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The sexy detective is hot on her trail!

Private eye April Hudson is on the hunt for her father’s killer, and she is determined that nothing will stop her. She’d regretfully left Nat Murphy behind after just a few dates, but now one small slip had put him instantly on her trail. With all the laws she’s broken in her investigations, she can’t afford to let him catch her!

Police detective Nathanial Murphy has been looking for April for seven long months. He fears the worst and blames himself. When he finally catches a glimpse of dark curls and a butterfly tattoo, he realizes she is still alive. Elation vies with anger. He will find her again, and when he does, leaving won’t be an option.

Taming the Wind

Her eyes took in his freshly showered look, the clean denim cut-off shorts, and the black muscle tank. He was freshly shaven this morning and raring to go. The idea of coming up with a plausible excuse for her all-nighter made her feel even more tired. He looked ready to spank first and ask questions later as he unfolded those ripped arms and crooked his forefinger at her.

Heat stirred in her belly.

“W-what are you doing in my bedroom?” she asked baldly. “I locked the door.”

His eyebrows peaked somewhere just below his hairline. “When you didn’t answer the door, I let myself in,” he drawled, amused as if a locked door could keep him out. “Care to tell me what you’ve been doing all night? Because I know it’s not sleeping,” he ended on a sarcastic note.

“I’ve been working on my dad’s case,” she replied defiantly, lifting her chin. “And the last time I checked, I don’t have to answer to you for how I spend my time.”

“Except for one thing, brat. You lied to me. You told me you were sick, which means you had this planned all along. You knew I wouldn’t like it, so you just didn’t tell me,” he added sarcastically. “Now, get over here because I’m going to spank your lying little butt.”

April glanced at the door, but there was really nowhere to run. Her mother was downstairs.

“Don’t make me come and get you,” Nat warned, catching her hesitant glance at the door. “And don’t run from me. If you do, I’ll spank you right in front of your mother when I catch up with you.”

April gasped with indignation. “You wouldn’t,” she accused him hotly. The look in his darkening eyes told her otherwise.

“Care to try me?” he asked….

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