Free books, gifts, and other party fun coming up!

Achille’s Earth Angel is releasing on December 18th. Reserve your copy today and have it on your kindle for Christmas!

Zeus’ eyes glimmered with pity. “There is always a price to pay, Achilles, for the things we reach for that are not ours to take. You killed Briseis’ husband and took her for your own. She loved her husband, and even though she grew to love you, she was never yours to take. You could never have children with her that should have belonged to her husband.”

“That was war,” cried Achilles, distraught beyond measure at Zeus’ words.

“Even in war, there is mercy. You were the greatest warrior that ever lived, deadly and merciless, which is why Agamemnon coveted your skills. You had very little of it at the time.”

Zeus stroked his beard again, his voice was sad and gentle. “But as I said, there is always a price to pay. You may woo and win your Angel with my blessing–if you are willing to pay the price.”

The mighty warrior trembled…

Hello, everyone! I’m really excited about releasing my brand new story in this Defying the Gods series. As a result, we are having a party in Scorching Hot Romance on release day. Yay!

There will be several authors there for fun, games, prizes, some free copies of books, and other things. Please mark your calendar and join us on Sunday evening, the 18th! A nice relaxing way to spend a quiet day. 🙂

Join Scorching Hot Romance!

Also during the week of my release, I will be sponsoring some games and prizes in my group all week, The Storytellers! If you haven’t joined yet, please come on in.

Join The Storytellers!

Thank you all and have a great day today, and a lovely Christmas season. Hugs, Brandy

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