A gift to my readers

Enjoy Marlie’s story for free until December 23rd. And have a wonderful holiday season this year, my friends.

Available at all these outlets! https://books2read.com/u/38P18Z

When Marlie Grayson rented the upstairs of her Victorian home, she got way more than she bargained for!

Her new renter was not an older man with a teenage daughter as she’d been led to believe. The new Chief of police of the small Colorado town of Buckeye couldn’t be over thirty. Plus, his five-year-old daughter brought back memories of a loss that Marlie still hadn’t accepted.

They had to go!

The beautiful, green-eyed vixen with a baseball bat and a hatred of Christmas was a challenge Max Quenton hadn’t seen coming. His new landlady created a stir of interest he hadn’t felt since the loss of his wife three years earlier. Since he didn’t meet her expectations either, she now wants to evict him?

Not a chance!

Max has finally found a home for himself and little Andi, and he doesn’t intend to leave willingly!

Note: This book contains mild, loving spanky scenes. If this material bothers you, please don’t purchase it.

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Best of the season to you and yours,


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