Last chance to get the gift of Marlie for Christmas

Enjoy Marlie’s story for free until December 23rd. And have a wonderful holiday season this year, my friends. 🙂

Available at all these outlets!

When Marlie Grayson rented the upstairs of her Victorian home, she got way more than she bargained for!

Her new renter was not an older man with a teenage daughter as she’d been led to believe. This man was too handsome, too sexy, and just too….male!

He had to go!

The problem was, he had a contract. And she couldn’t call the cops because he was the new police chief in town. Now, what was she supposed to do?

Today is the last day to get Marlie on your kindle for Christmas, my friends.

Wishing you the warmest wishes for the Christmas season, and a prosperous New Year. Luvs, Brandy

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