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Jump into spring with a new release for Easter!

This book will release next weekend just in time for Easter! Now is your chance to get it into your kindle for some happy spring reading while the kiddos are chasing Easter Eggs and waiting for the Easter Bunny.

You’re going to hate Tani–at first.

She’s disillusioned and bitter. He believes in love at first sight. What are their chances of falling in love?

Read on!

“Are you coming out any time soon, mermaid?” The lazy drawl had Tani spinning to stare at Wyatt who stood at the edge where the rocks came out beneath the falls. His arms were folded across his broad chest, and he looked breathtaking.

“How long have you been standing there?” she demanded, making her way towards him. Once free of the falling water, she stood glaring at him, wondering how much he’d seen. Her face flushed at the thought that her naked backside had been pointed in his direction while she was washing her things out.

“When you didn’t show up, I started looking for you,” he replied, his brow rising.

“I don’t care,” she snapped. “Why were you spying on me? Why didn’t you announce you were there instead of ogling me like a pervert?”

In a flash, he was standing in front of her, his hand grasping her arm. Tingles shot up it, and she tried to shake out of his grip. “Let go of me.” Her breathing quickly went ragged at the close proximity of his bare chest and beautiful mouth.

“Which do you prefer? Spanked or kissed?”

“W… What?”

“I asked which you preferred, spanked or kissed, because right now, you’re getting one or the other. I told you I wouldn’t kiss you until you were ready, so now you get to make a choice. Pick one.”

“I choose neither,” she huffed. “Now let go of me; you’re insane.” Her heart beating fast, Tani tried to bluster. No way was she allowing him to kiss her and spanking her was also out of the equation. She had rights.

“Spanked it is…” more

Grab this second chance romance today and get ready for some delicious reading next weekend with Wyatt and Tani.

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StoryOrigin ARC Link

And now I have a SECOND SURPRISE for you all!

For the first time, Achille’s Earth Angel will be on sale for just .99 cents as well. Check out the excerpt below.

Achilles and Ange are worlds apart, yet their hearts unite on a sunny beach in Ikaria, Greece. But it’s not all hearts and roses…

“Driver’s license?” Achilles asked, his brow wrinkling. “What’s that?”

Ange laughed. “It’s a piece of paper that says you know how to drive a vehicle on the roads. Don’t worry, I’ll give you lessons and then we’ll go into town and take the test.”

“Lessons…right,” Achilles replied, his eyes narrowing at her. “There are certainly some lessons that need to be learned here.”

Ange lifted her head defiantly.                                     

 “I told you to stay at the house, Angel. Why didn’t you?” He hadn’t missed the delicate flush of her face and neck and knew it was from temper and embarrassment. She’d completely understood his meaning regarding lessons and didn’t like it at all.

A very willful Angel, he decided, his lips thinning. He was used to being obeyed when he spoke and her temper didn’t sit well with him. Perhaps a well-spanked bottom would sweeten her attitude.

“I don’t take orders from you, Achilles,” she replied, her face getting pinker. “In fact, you now take orders from me. I hired you to feed the goats, so that’s what you need to do since it’s feeding time. Oh, and fix the latch on the front gate, it’s broken. You’ll find a toolbox in the garage…”

Her words were cut off when a strong arm looped around her waist and secured her under his arm, putting her into a bent position. When Ange felt her pants and panties sliding to her knees she began to struggle with outrage. “What are you doing? Stop that! Don’t you dare…”

The rest of her words died in her throat when a stinging, fiery pain erupted in the middle of her bare butt cheeks. And then another and another.

Outraged, she scorched his ears with her verbal assault. “Stop it this instant, you can’t do that to me! I’ll report you for assault, I’ll sue you, I’ll…more

Achille’s Earth Angel

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I’d like to thank you all for being a part of my author journey. I couldn’t do it without you. Have a great weekend and Happy reading.

Hugs, Brandy

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