It’s a new release celebration!

Myself and all these fabulous authors, plus more will be armed with prizes and giveaways to enjoy! Don’t miss the fun and games!

Join the party room here:

Check the book out here!


Daddy is not the only one who notices how special Violet is…

A well-respected professor, Violet Davis.

I had all but given up hope of finding a man, a Daddy, who would respect me professionally and cherish my little side. Someone I didn’t have to hide who I really am from. Then I ran into Professor Etienne Martin and he showed me what a patient and caring Daddy he could be.

Will the anonymous texts alluding to my private little side ruin everything?

A famous nature photographer, Etienne Martin.

I returned home to the small town of Pinetree to take up the position of assistant professor of photography at the local college. I needed to distance myself from the phony littles who only wanted me for my status and wealth.

I never expected the perfect little girl to bounce into a faculty meeting and introduce herself as the history of photography professor, Violet Davis. But I’m not the only one who notices how special Professor Davis is.

Can Daddy protect Violet from a crazed stalker and learn to love again?

I’ll be giving away a $10.00 gift certificate and some free books, so come join in the fun and celebrate.

Hope to see you there, Brandy

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