I’ll Be Home For Christmas!

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I’m proud to announce that I have a story being published in Blushing Books Twelve Days of Christmas Anthology this year!  There will be prizes and all sorts of things happening with this project, you don’t want to miss it! I hear there’s even a Kindle involved as a free gift!

Here is an excerpt from my story coming November 30th, I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Enjoy!

Madison rolled her eyes. “Lord save me from a hard-headed cowboy.” She popped the heel of her hand against his forehead.

“Watch it, little girl,” he growled. “You’re going to end up over my knee getting your little butt painted Christmas red in a minute.”

“So do it,” she challenged. “I’m not afraid of you anymore, Drake Lanyard.

Ill Be Home for Christmas

Mischief Under the Mistletoe is here early!

This wonderful anthology of Christmas stories of all kinds is available now for pre-order on Amazon for just .99 cents! My story, Marlie’s Christmas Keeper, is a part of this fab anthology and so are 13 of your other favorite authors.  These are some of my fav authors too! You’re gonna love it, I just know it! Get yours now before it goes up, it’s only .99 cents for a limited time!

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Dusty's Ghost Town Cover
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Dusty is asked just ONE more time to bail her twin
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Gamble on Love is live on Amazon!

The stranger’s face floated on the background curtain of her closed eyelids and she wished he’d smiled. He looked like he had a nice smile. He had big hands too, and she really liked big hands. Men’s hands fascinated her and she had no taste for wimpy pale ones. It didn’t take much imagination for her to see those tanned hands cupping her breasts, or patting her rear, and the thought sent a tingling sensation racing through her body.

Briefly, she wondered what he would think if he knew she had stolen paintings worth millions.  She hadn’t thought about having to tell a future boyfriend or husband about her grand heists. Doubt and something akin to dismay flickered in her breast at the thought of having to tell this disturbing man what she’d done. Love and future had never had a face before………..


          A news flash for my readers regarding my upcoming book entitled

                                                           GAMBLE ON LOVE!

Bones and Poker


Thank you all!  Brandy 

Gamble on Love!

The name is official!  The title will be Gamble on Love!  Please enjoy the video and teaser listed below.  And thank you for visiting my website. 🙂

Flynn stood in front of her, his strong arms folded across his chest, a very disapproving look on his face. “I ought to take your pants down, turn you over my knee and give you a real spanking with my belt for pulling this stupid stunt,” he growled, “but I don’t have the time right now.

R..real sp…spanking?” Bones gulped. “Haven’t you done that a few times already?”

Not on your bare bottom,” he growled. “And not one that you won’t forget for a few days.”

But you can’t do that…I mean…no one does that. Not for real anyway,” she protested nervously. “Playing maybe, or retaliation swats for my temper, I can see that. But not for real punishment. Do they?” she quavered, unsure of herself.

I do,” he assured her firmly.


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