A news flash for my readers regarding my upcoming book entitled

                                                           GAMBLE ON LOVE!

Bones and Poker


Thank you all!  Brandy 

Gamble on Love!

The name is official!  The title will be Gamble on Love!  Please enjoy the video and teaser listed below.  And thank you for visiting my website. 🙂

Flynn stood in front of her, his strong arms folded across his chest, a very disapproving look on his face. “I ought to take your pants down, turn you over my knee and give you a real spanking with my belt for pulling this stupid stunt,” he growled, “but I don’t have the time right now.

R..real sp…spanking?” Bones gulped. “Haven’t you done that a few times already?”

Not on your bare bottom,” he growled. “And not one that you won’t forget for a few days.”

But you can’t do that…I mean…no one does that. Not for real anyway,” she protested nervously. “Playing maybe, or retaliation swats for my temper, I can see that. But not for real punishment. Do they?” she quavered, unsure of herself.

I do,” he assured her firmly.

My first video attempt!

Hello, my friends!

I’ve taken the leap to try and create a new video.  I was so excited I had to put it out there although I’m sure it could have been a lot better!  But I’m learning, growing, experimenting, and loving to write books for you to enjoy.

I hope you have fun watching it and enjoy the glow of hanky spanky romance! Such fun!



The Sky Singer is now live on Amazon….

Hi all!  I’m excited, Sky Singer is now live!  Thank you all for checking it out.  If you like it, please add a quick review to Amazon.  Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple, “I like it” would be fantastic!  Thank you in advance if you are able to do that.  I appreciate all my readers. 🙂

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My New Cover Page…..

Hi, everyone!

I’m really excited, The Sky Singer is almost here!  I hope you enjoy Sydney and Ryan’s story as much as I did. I think Australia would be a lovely place to visit some day.  I have a friend who lives there and this book was written with him in mind.  Enjoy!


Coming May 3rd…..

What does this mean, straighten me out?” she asked between clenched teeth, waving the paper she clutched in her hand.

“Just what it says, Sydney! Your father left instructions for you to sell Camaroo when he died, and as usual, you have ignored him.”

I won’t give up the cargo service,” she insisted implacably. “I want to rebuild it, for Evan and Dad’s sake.”  She shook the paper at him. “This…this Ryan Masters can just jump in the nearest billabong for all I care. I don’t have to listen to him!”

Sydney was fuming as she left the lawyer’s office. So he was going to straighten her out was he? She didn’t know who this Ryan Masters was, but he was the one who would be straightened out—and pretty damn quick if she had anything to say about it!

Arrogant pommy!”



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