The Sky Singer will be here May 3rd!

The Sky SingerMy next book is coming out soon!  Blushing Books has assigned a date of May 3rd!  This is a fun book set in beautiful Australia. Hello to my friends down under! I’m really excited about getting this book to you all, it’s a fun one.  Here’s an excerpt for you to enjoy!

“I believe I’ll just hang on to you until we get to my car,” answered Ryan doggedly, not putting it past her to take off running. He didn’t know Kalgoorlie and it was nighttime, and he had no intention of losing his quarry now that he had captured her. But she could make a fool of him and he had no intention of going there again today! He carried her effortlessly and it wasn’t that far to his car.

“I don’t want you to carry me,” Sydney hissed, her insides suddenly feeling strange and rubbery. His close proximity was making her feel breathless as the male scent of him intoxicated her senses. She would rather stay furious with him than feel this way and she was trying not to panic.

“That’s just too bad then isn’t it, because I am, whether you like it or not!”

“You’re insufferable!”

“And you’re incorrigible!”


“Brat!” He emphasized this last denouncement with a sharp swat to her upturned buttocks.

“Stop that!” demanded Sydney, looking around her.

“Then behave!” he demanded in return. He had reached the car and he bent over slightly to slide her off his shoulder, retaining a firm grip on her arm. Opening the driver’s door, he motioned her to get inside, his sharp eyes watching for any escape attempt or the possibility of bodily damage.

“Where are you taking me”” she snapped, feeling braver now that her bottom was out of his target range.

“Like I said before, somewhere we can talk. Now get in.” He gently pushed her into the car, holding onto her while he followed. Once inside, he hit the door locks that kept children from trying to get out. He grinned when she slid across the seat and immediately tried the door handle.

“Damn,” she muttered in frustration, jabbing at the door lock.

“Get back over here,” Ryan said, pulling her back towards the middle. “I don’t trust you not to find a way to break the window or something.”

“Oh there’s something I’d like to break, but it wouldn’t be the window.” She smiled sweetly at him, the smile not reaching her eyes. Those particular jewels were spitting daggers at him and he shook his head in sardonic amusement.

“So where’s someplace private that we can talk?”

Sydney folded her arms and stared straight ahead, refusing to acknowledge the question. He may have kidnapped her, but she’d be darned if she was going to help him.

“I’m going to count to three, and if you haven’t answered me by then, I’ll just take your pants down and spank you right here,” Ryan said conversationally. There were a few people on the streets, some coming in and out of The Gilded lily.

She swung to face him, incensed at his announcement. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“One!” He stared back, his gray eyes unflinching beneath her murderous stare.

“You are not spanking me here or anywhere else!” she guaranteed him, certain he was bluffing.

“Two!” He continued to gaze implacably at her, never wavering.

Uncertain suddenly, Sydney began to fidget. He surely wouldn’t take her pants down, much less spank her—would he? Not for real. He had put on a cute show at the club for the benefit of his masculine pride but that’s all it was, wasn’t it?

“You are such a twit if you think I believe that,” she replied scornfully, trying to keep up a bravado that she was quickly losing.

“Three!” Ryan stated decisively, reaching for the waistband of her leather pants.

“Don’t you dare!” Sydney screeched, slapping ineffectual at the large brown hands that were quickly popping the metal snap, unzipping the zipper and pulling the creamy silk blouse out.

Ryan grabbed the open sides of the pants, his fingers inside the matching cream panties she wore. “Last chance,” he stated quietly, looking down into her panicked face.

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