Coming May 3rd…..

What does this mean, straighten me out?” she asked between clenched teeth, waving the paper she clutched in her hand.

“Just what it says, Sydney! Your father left instructions for you to sell Camaroo when he died, and as usual, you have ignored him.”

I won’t give up the cargo service,” she insisted implacably. “I want to rebuild it, for Evan and Dad’s sake.”  She shook the paper at him. “This…this Ryan Masters can just jump in the nearest billabong for all I care. I don’t have to listen to him!”

Sydney was fuming as she left the lawyer’s office. So he was going to straighten her out was he? She didn’t know who this Ryan Masters was, but he was the one who would be straightened out—and pretty damn quick if she had anything to say about it!

Arrogant pommy!”


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