Why can’t men mind their own darned business?

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Why can’t men mind their own darned business?

For Maddie, the men of Brocton are too quick to tell her husband what to do. Especially when it comes to handling her!

Hello, my friends!

I’m pleased to be bringing back some stories that have been out of print for years! I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of stories about Maddie and the man who loves her more than life itself.

Enjoy this excerpt:

Maddie was angry at Heath’s determination to beat her with a switch and angry at herself for not listening to him in the first place. She was also fearful and humiliated. Being sent to cut your own implement of torture was just too much. Furious, she slashed off a slender shoot and returned to her husband, jamming the offensive twig into his chest.

“There!” she announced scornfully.

Heath took the proffered switch and held it up. “It’s a bit puny isn’t it Maddie?” he asked, trying not to laugh. The branch was about six inches long and covered with leaves, hardly big enough to swat a palm with, let alone a nice rear-end.

“Well, you never said how big it was supposed to be,” she returned defensively.

Heath began peeling leaves from the little branch. “Well, it’s your choice I suppose. But this is what I’ll wear out on your thighs after I spank your bottom with the real switch you are still going to go get. If you come back with another one like this, then I’ll have one for each thigh won’t I?”  He smiled smugly at her and swished the little branch through the air.

Maddie gasped! He wouldn’t…surely? The look in his eye told her he was serious and Maddie’s temper finally began to cool as she realized she wasn’t getting out of this.

 Feeling suddenly scared and forlorn, she slowly dragged herself back to the tree, looking for what she hoped was a suitable branch this time.  She took her time cutting it, trying not to wince as she remembered Able hopping and yelling when their father had used a switch on him.   He had sported little red welts for hours afterward and even seemed proud of them. Boys, she thought scornfully.

Finally she slunk back to Heath, her head bowed, and handed him the switch. When she glanced up at him, her eyes were misty and she watched in apprehension as he smoothly stripped the branch of its twigs and leaves.  Finally he swished it experimentally through the air and she shivered at the hiss it made.

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