The art of protecting a stubborn woman isn’t easy!

New Release!

Be prepared to shoot rattlesnakes in mid-air and follow your wife “home to mother”!

This is a fun and easy read about Maddie and Heath, the man who loved her more than life itself, even though she makes protecting her difficult at times!

Now available on Amazon in e-book and paperback!

Why can’t men mind their own darned business?

Maddie Danvers is outraged when she and her husband move to the foothills of Kentucky and her husband receives some very unwanted advice.

At least in her opinion!

She likes her husband just fine the way he is, thank you very much! She doesn’t need the men in town interfering in their relationship.

The Reverend Heathcliff Danvers is new to the Parish of Brocton, and a novice at being a husband. His sweet and lovable wife, Maddie, seems to have developed some very stubborn and willful ways though, and he’s not sure how best to handle his little dynamo.

When a well-meaning friend advises him to turn Maddie over his knee to slow her down and open her ears, the sparks fly!

It’s fun and hijinks in the hills of Kentucky with these early American stories of life with Maddie and the man who loves her more than life itself.

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I’ve combined The Brocton Chronicles into one full sized book. It’s almost 300 pages of life in Brocton, Kentucky, with Maddie and the other wives of Brocton parish. The gentle Heath has his hands full as his willful wife leads him in circles until he begins to put his foot…and his hand…down! I hope you’ll enjoy the Maddie stories.

Be sure to watch for the second book in the series, entitled A Shotgun Wedding, coming in July 2021! This will be a another full length book about the deputy in town. Matthew McCracken.

A confirmed bachelor, Matt is horrified when he receives an orphan into his care, only to find out she’s a girl! What’s he supposed to do when the mountain men insist on a wedding or a funeral? His to be exact…and it’s his choice.”

Thank you, my friends, for your support in my writing endeavors. I love creating these wonderful stories for you. Please stalk me everywhere you can, I promise I will love it! You don’t want to miss out of giveaways, promotions, and plenty of other good stuff!

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I hope you all have a great summer, I know I’m looking forward to vacation, swimming and putting 2020 behind me! I’m sure you are too.

Luvs, Brandy

P.S. Vamp says hi! She is not impressed with the new puppy, so she’s ready for summer to so she can spend more time outside away from him. 🙂

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